“I let go of the things I can’t have. And the things I can’t change. And what I already have I will love until the day I die.” Aurora Aksnes



AURORA by Hilde Bjørnskau
AURORA by Hilde Bjørnskau via AURORA_forum

Quite often, loving fans tweet their favorite photos – sometimes the photog credits are not included, so I often just come back later and add credits in an RT if I can find them. I couldn’t find the quick, easy credits for the following cool photos. If you know, feel free to comment at bottom of page ❤

Whoops! I happen to know the credit on the last one here, especially because the stamp is intact –

The photos are from Coup de Main, from an awesome illustrated article…

AURORA, A Warrior Spirit.
“…I know what I like, and what I want, and it’s hard for me when other people try to change that – as people try to do all the time, unconsciously, because people have different tastes in what is magical and what is not.” – AURORA

You MUST go see the article and the many photos! They are stunningly cute.

She’s beautiful, whimsical, kind, and MAGICAL.


So… what else is going on? Oh, a little activity from AURORA here:

AURORA RT’ed a “come hither” from dePresno, a fellow Norwegian artist – Do you know much about him? (I do). Heard his music? (Yup). Might as well check it out… dePresnoMUSIC


I recently saw some buzz about a new song TOGETHER from an up and coming artist @cynthialovely, CYN is around the age of 22, and Together is quite a nice summer pop song… I imagine there is an album forthcoming at some point, as well as a video for Together, at least sometime soon. CYN lately signed with Katy Perry’s label and the machine is just starting to REV – check out CYN (aka Cynthia Nabozny):

photocollage CYN Cynthia Nabozny
Photos left and right by Cara Friedman for JUTE magazine. Not sure who took the photo in the middle, but it is the common photo used as icons in most of her online promo accounts.


I almost forgot this cool little clip from the gorgeous and talented Sherri Bemis of Eisley. She’s 33 years young, can you believe it? What a doll! – I also highly recommend following her IG – she has the most darling children and it’s delightful to enjoy some of the funny highlight’s of Sherri’s daily life):


A favorite band of mine from cold cold Canada, ALVVAYS has a new album coming out very soon.. I think they said September 8th, but they did release a new SINGLE

called IN UNDERTOW and, thank the gods of enough fluff, Alvvays have also released a very keen video in which the band looks fabulous, and ready to get on with the next super sexy phase of their careers. (sorry, I cannot help to tease ALVVAYS just a little). I think lead singer Molly Rankin is in her late 20’s

Anyway, I LOVE THIS VIDEO and this new song IN UNDERTOW!

There’s a distinct possibility that ALVVAYS is going to single-handedly bring psychedelic shoegaze back into view this year… what do you think? I think this new album “ANTISOCIALITES” is going to be a great album (Cover shown below).


Check out all of iconiclight’s WordPress posts about ALVVAYS


I know it seems there’s all kinds of important stuff going on in the entertainment world, but there’s important stuff going on in the world world too. Keep an eye and a thought on Antartica. There is a fanciful possiblity that this continent will be the new NEW WORLD someday. Some folks think it may have been the old old OLD WORLD some time in the very distant past.

…no more night




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