“…you have loved us, and we have loved you, and God loves us all” – Dawn Michele, Fireflight. I love how Fireflight brought together the complete band from the NOW era to ROCK Brazil July 15th 2017! Dawn Michele was amazing, beautiful, and from all the clips I’ve heard, she and the band were TOP FORM! Justin Cox and Adam McMilliion came back for this historic appearance, joining Dawn, Wendy Drennen and Glenn Drennen for this awesome concert at Som Da Vida! I’ve gathered quite a few IG’s to outline the days before and after:

Beautiful Day to look forward visiting Braśil! Coming to see you soon in Rio at Som Da Vida!

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Hello Brasil!!!

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OMG!!! Love you,#fireflight #somdavida

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This is your time… NOW!!! #fireflight #somdavida #godslove #amazing #incredible @danielaiihama

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this is for those who wait! #fireflight #somdavida

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I Love you ❤😍 #SomDaVida #blessed #FireFlight #Michele #singer🎤

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There’s alot more to see- just search #Fireflight at IG and Twitter – here’s hoping there are many more clips coming, and maybe some longer footage shots on YouTube -FOUND SOME- There are lots of cool fan meet photos, and I mean the band looks GREAT in the photos. I’m really happy for them.

Finding out that Dawn Michele had some delay and difficulty getting back to home base! Took awhile, but can see by Dawn’s follow up on her IG post below (“we finally made it lol praise the Lord!”) that she did make it back! So glad – have been praying for a safe return since seeing her first distressed message about airline errors and delays trying to get back home. FIREFLIGHT ROCKS! Thanks for all you do Dawn, Wendy and the guys!

“Still trying to get home…” Via Instagram

Dawn following up: Beautiful photo from Dawn of a Brazilian night scene, now a memory, a good one 🙂

Missing those Rio Nights!

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Make sure and check out FIREFLIGHT’s latest EP Re•Imag•Innova *NEW MUSIC* Full Review and pick up or order their previous CD’s if you can find them, they are really great.

Check out this one clip – there are many now stacking up on YouTube. The band sounds AWESOME, and Dawn’s vocals are absolutely phenomenal. Those crystal clear highs, the strength of an inspiring, confident delivery, a woman with immense talent. She’s amazing! AMAZING.

Sources/references: Instagram (IG), Twitter, Youtube embeds as shown. TOP featured photo/collage of random video stills (as embedded) – sorry the caps are low resolution – The band looks great! Wendy and Dawn, beautiful, the guys all look happy and healthy. Best wishes to Fireflight! 💞