Just a few tweets gathered of recent activities from AURORA and the AURORA Tweeters!

So sweet, so very very sweet. I’m all about the BLUE – there’s blue shoes below… scroll….

And… welcome TEAM AKSNES!

Volume 11 http://www.anewtypeofimprint.com/products/volume-eleven

What an interesting week or so in AURORA land! And… okay there was skinny dipping? It’s best at night, such FUN! So, there’s no better way to wrap up this little collection than a tweet and photo from AURORA, Queen of LoveWarriors:

(and it’s red! – actually an unusual color for AURORA, but hey, she still works it! *her face though* – I don’t know if the look is because of the skull or the red, LOL – i suspect its because the red) – also Gojira’s Twitter, should anyone be interested, is actually @Gojiramusic ENJOY!



Sources/References: All sources as shown // Top Collage includes photos by Melanie Marsman, NRK, John T Pedersen & Tormod Halleraker, Solbakken (shown below) and others //  Thank you Tweeters for being great AURORA fans, tweeters, and Warriors!