From this comparitively tiny spot of earth upon which I stand tonight, looking skyward towards the east I see what appears to be a full moon rising, creamy-white, and rather dazzling. While here, back nearer the ground, fireflies rise and fall above the grass in flickering patterns, gentle, flowing – there is magic – and it’s everywhere. July 8th/9th 2017.

Mesmerizing” – the go-to word for all things AURORA. Having been a follower for some time (since March of 2016), any retrospectives I write invariably contain connections and synchronicities. Sometimes these are overt, not-so-subtle threads that connect, other times merely incomplete reflections. In this case it took a little looking (not much!) to cruise into an overview and bring a few together. Even so, it wasn’t that difficult (and I’m missing the rest of the story, I’m sure), considering the *pings* involved. Namely in part, one of the richest fishing grounds in Norway, the sea surrounding the small islands of Husøya and Sanna that host the Traena Music Festival. Settled some 9000 years ago, the islands and festival are accessible only by ferry… but, before I venture further into the happenings on the Norwegian sea, let me first take a look back at July 2016 – The brilliant video for the melodic and danceable song “I WENT TOO FAR” which debuted in Norway July 4th, and everywhere else on July 5th, 2016 or thereabouts.

From a previous post:

Regal, alluring, mesmerizing… is she Queen of the Elven Folk? Or just a talented young woman from Norway that happens to write and sing the most appealing, melodic, and magical songs in recent memory?

film still via aurorawaketheworld tumblr.

Many said (and still say)  “angel!” – I wrote quite a bit about the symbolism, but not sure I posted it!

There were a few preview tweets in the preceding weeks with images from the shoot for the video (filmed in Iceland). One in particular I remember well was the “Fish Dress” reveal, though details of what was coming was kept rather mysterious during the month prior to the video release:

“Team Aksnes” is Aurora, Viktoria (top left photo) and Miranda (pictured as applying makeup for AURORA in the top right photo, AURORA dressed in the white version of the Fish Dress, but covered in a coat and in boots).

An audio was presented (the single having been released) at Vevo before the actual video was released:

I just wanted to make sure to include the cover of AMDGMAAF in this article, I suppose – In any case, the resulting video directed by Arni & Kinski, who said “There is purity in her art and bravery in her approach to creativity. This is why we felt drawn to work with AURORA… we would like the audience to find their own meaning in the video.” (via the IDOLATOR article AURORA Shares Surreal, Cinematic “I Went Too Far” Video) is indeed mesmerizing and packed with interesting and mysterious imagery and symbolism.


Instead of going on and on about the many possible meanings and interpretations of the imagery in “I Went Too Far” perhaps I will just skip ahead now to the present day….

It’s July 2017, a time near the Full Thunder Moon, what is called also a “full buck” or Capricorn moon in these parts, and round about this time, AURORA is on the water *ping* many thousands of miles east of my vantage point, and there’s a cave involved (I see a LARGE grotto, actually) *ping* and she looks divine (of course) *ping*

“On Sanna you can find Kirkhelleren, a cave in the mountain, which is described as an acoustic cathedral” – quote via Festival site. // Photo below is FANTASTIC showing Kirkhelleren cave in a pristine state, click thumbnail to see FULL size:


“The Traena Music Festival (Norwegian: Trænafestivalen) is held annually in the municipality of Træna in Nordland county, Norway. The festival is held on the islands of Husøya and Sanna. The islands are only accessible by ferry boat from the mainland in Lurøy.” (source: Wikipedia)

AURORAFranceOff(icial) -a Tweeter I highly recommend to follow for all things AURORA- added: “The song is called Helvegen and here you can listen/watch/enjoy the whole performance 😉 :”

I will be looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this! The sound is immense.

In the meantime….

…and it’s mystifying. I was thinking about the fireflies before this tweet was seen, while observing them rising and falling in the clearing amongst the trees just outside the back of the house this evening just prior to writing this article, and wondering whether AURORA was familiar with, or had ever seen fireflies in her travels. (I do not know if fireflies are native to Norway or not). Anyway, the variety of fireflies we have in my region live at ground level, but at dusk they climb the blades of grass while flickering their biolumenescent “lovelights” to attract and communicate with potential mates and the rest of the community of lightning bugs. They spread wings and slowly fly into the air, generally straight up, or in a “J” pattern, blinking on/off in a variety of regular rythmic patterns that it is claimed is due to lighting conditions upon the males (it is so claimed by the current science community), to which the females respond in reflective patterns, and then having reached a certain height, they drop lower again, generally straight down, and repeat this slow rising and falling pattern for a couple of hours into the night. I’m fascinated by “Lightning Bugs” and have enjoyed them going back to earliest childhood memories. I hope you see them during your July evenings this year and every year. Watch them rise and fall, still your mind and listen to the flow of rising and falling thoughts. Think about what the fireflies may be flickering on and on about. Is there any way to know more than just the scientific explanation? If a firefly comes to you, talk to it, thank it for being here, regardless of the cold “science” of why it does what it does. Observe how it “speaks” to you, and then how it gently flies away again. Up and down, ebb and flow, come and go. Just be.


Source/Reference: Originally intended as a reblog of “AURORA Photos (Page 7) I Went To Far” (note: page 7.2 was drafted out to be a reblog of said post, but failed to “reblog” in an aesthetically pleasing way, so I deleted it, electing instead to write a full length article, named now as shown “page 7.3” of the AURORA photos series.) // Fireflies banner photo insert *edit via ikewinski Flickr // Full Moon Rise image via pixabay // “The Morning After” Fireflies being set free from a jar image *edited -if shown- is by Jeffrey Turner via CC2.0 // Kirkhelleren “pristine” via SPEKKHOGGER’N // Other references, and embeds sourced as shown or mentioned for review or reference purposes. // For good AURORA photos, be sure to follow @PortalAURORAbr (update below) and @AuroraFranceOff