Fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly FLY. I’m flying. 🔮

– AURORA via Facebook

AURORA has been enlightening us with many marvelous tweets and ‘grams with plenty of positive love-bringing and light-sharing recently. In the mix, a few references from friends and fans continue to remind of us of the delightful aspects of J.K. Rowlings’ “Harry Potter” series’ Hogwart’s academy. All the reflections are just enough to keep us in mind that we’re all in “university” together daily, and it’s GOOD to be in light and Love. My go-to advice: We choose our joy, if we will only do so! Our minds make the world around us seem either more miserable, or more delightful whether it really is one or the other (or both). What the world actually is, is… it just is….

I enjoyed this Tweet from Coup De Main featuring the LEGENDARY

Paul McCartney:

AURORA has been looking into her magical 🔮 (crystal ball) quite a bit lately. You’ll see it if you go to her IG or Twitter and scan her entries. So, take note, Warriors of Light, and feel loved!

Dilara Lovegood” has a lovely set of tweets much enjoyed by AURORA and fun for us as well. This juxtaposition of AURORA Our Dear One, and Luna Lovegood is not to be missed!

Our most dear and beautiful inspiration, the magical AURORA via @AURORAmusic

“The light…. the light behind me…? Is that you guys? 🌞🌙🌕☀️🌞🌙 …”

Aurora Aksnes from @AURORAmusic Twitter July 3rd 2017 by AURORA of Norway singer songwriter

iconiclight twitter warrioroflove warrioroflight

As always, and without hesitation I highly recommend a daily listen, or a #NowPlaying revisit to AURORA’s fantastic song “WARRIOR” for inspiration, encouragement, and strength. Why? It’s very good to have a song by AURORA running through your mind on your way to difficult work hours, or a difficult school day, or before any anxious moments for which you must invoke the courage to be a Conqueror!

Sources/References: Blue gemstones photo (if shown) via StylesatLife // Embeds via Twitter, most notably dilara Loves Aurora – again, very delightful Tweets! I thank  odriewarrior for the okay to use them as one of the main foci of this post ☺ // “Harry Potter” series and characters remain the property of author J.K. Rowling and are for reference and review purposes only // Odo “It’s ProudFEET!” 👣 // All photos via embeds as shown. // “Defense” = “Defence” the British spelling.  // Top featured photo is a collage featuring photos appearing in the various tweets, by the various photographers noted therein + the iconic AURORA hand reaching towards the “surface” from the video “I Went Too Far” via the Vevo YouTube still. // Updated 04 July 2017 – Changed the title, removing the nickname of Sir Paul McCartney “Macca” because some may not know of it, and there was no other reference to the nickname in the article.

Other items of interest:

You might also check out The Beatles MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR featuring the strange little instrumental “FLYING” (listen to it on Spotify if you wish)

3:33 Don’t forget to keep a good song in your head daily, dear Conquerors!
aurora aksnes conqueror vevo youtube song by AURORA


Dear One near me – truth assessed
Reborn worldwise – mind at rest
True heart sow you – God has blessed
Your soul whispers – love confessed
My spirit sings to you now
Creation stands at your feet
My feelings call to you now
Dear One I love you
You hear my spirit sing to you
You see creation at your feet
You feel my feelings calling you
You know Dear One I love you
Dear One show me – simple Grace
Move me toward Thee – with each pace
-George Harrison “Dear One