Swirling. We just made a tree. Between the lo-fi and the Wi-Fi, off beyond us. Close by, just in the other room. Every swipe, type,  space, “ENTER” – in fact, every parenthetical “DELETE” -Shift- ‘”‘backspace backspace backspace'”‘ had made a thing come into being. And when you stood up and walked into the next room they were there already – several fully-leaved, potted trees packaged nursery-style and ten feet tall, already bearing honeydew-colored and honeydew-sized, teardrop-shaped, pleasnt and hefty fruits. There we’re even instruction pamphlets (actually thick as books) attached to each fantastic impossibility, almost too high to reach and retrieve… tippy-toes… “got it” gosh, you heard yourself saying “Sweety, I don’t think we live in reality anymore!”


Good heavens! Then you woke up.

“#Random Get On The List!” What list? >>> Iconoscopicmuse with your Iconoscopic Reviews begins a “Now Playing” feature to roll out what’s being listened to today each day (or every couple of days). It’s all about YouTube and Spotify, a dose of Tumblr, WordPress and Twitter, BOOM! Or maybe it’s more like butterfly wings. Whatever it is, it’s probably going to be clever.

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“Choice #Random” makes it magic.

The Fermi Paradox, “Where is everybody?”
There’s nothing to sign up for, nothing to follow, no exclusive (dot)com to join. There are no robot-written DMs saying “Thanks for the follow -insert user name here- will you listen to my new song and tell me what you think?” Nooooooooooo!


@iconoscopicmuse is not “sponsored” by anyone, is not selling ads or adspace, is not pummelling you with ads for anything – this muse is not even trying to sell you music!

Iconoscopic Reviews is not getting a fraction of a fraction of a penny for sending you somewhere or enticing you to click (for cash!) Nope. We just LOVE MUSIC, but we will often recommend you get yourself a hard copy of a CD or the vinyl because… well, close to real is better than not at all.

Glitch: We just LOVE MUSIC, and we recognize that this summer is a VERY prolific time for new indie music featuring real creativity and fun, pleasurable retro, and dreamy sounds. Our chosen genre will be indie, rock, art rock, indie art rock, beat smooth or chill relax, ambient, trippy summer/beach/surf, popular, rock and pop, dreampop, retro pop, folksy Jangle pop, a few classics, mild psychedelic, a little bit of darkwave or light dance, something moody and mysterious from time to time, alternative cafe, coffeehouse, intellectual donut accompaniment, etc. WOW, could be anything! No Rap. Almost no “country” but plenty of Nashville – very diverse hotspot these days! We have our favorites.


But only if you love what you hear! But seriously, look for the CD or the vinyl or even the cassette, and go see them in concert too! Indie artists make a little from download file sales but still only make very miniscule amounts from streaming play services like spotify, youtube, and the rest  – In fact, artists get the most support from concert revenue and at the merch table. TRUE!

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Here’s Iconoscopicmuse’s first full post (p1) #NOWPLAYING:

Listen! >>>Then check out Julia’s hub site: http://www.juliashammasholter.com

Tristen Gaspadarek aka Tristen

Listen! >>>Then check out Tristen Gaspadarek’s (aka Tristen) hub site: http://www.tristen.com

Listen! >>>Then check out Hannah Rodgers’ (aka Pixx) hub site: http://pixxmusic.com

Hannah Rodgers aka Pixx

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