“Lady of Light” I say (I.E. the real Galadriel)! And so, before we move on to the next fantastic concert (Best Kept Secret Festival) of Summer 2017, we briefly revisit Bergenfest for the post-appearance Tweets, which were awesome – Starting with AURORA herself, the “Viking princess or old wizard?” She assures us “You will know, in the next episode.”

The fashion was QUITE a big hit, but the music was fabulous! AURORA is back, baby! Surely I’ll have additional posts on this concert along with a review and probably some stills from vids but let’s get to the next thing for the mo’

AURORA appeared the next night (June 18th 2017) in the Netherlands – Holland – which gave the opportunity for folks to begin posting the three NEW songs people have been buzzing about recently (and keeping rather secret up to this point):

The big, and apparently completely “approved” reveal on Twitter got on with the Tweet below, via AURORA_source:

And suddenly we’ve got three new songs to swoon over and examine!

Feeling • Soft Universe • In Bottles

These ALL have a common sound, the “tribal” and gently-wild woodsy MAGIC sound that was present also in much of the first album AMDGMAAF – and this is a DELIGHTFUL confirmation of the solid self-confidence of this brilliant songwriter AURORA, and the affirmation that she was writing with surety and being true to herself in her first album as well. THANK GODDESS for that, because with such strong and talented producers (Magnus Skylstad – thank you for the rhythm sir! –  and O. Martin) as well as other people working with her from MADE management, along with MADE’s suggested collaborators, there was always a possibility that THEY had maybe overly-directed the music, but noooooo they had not, in fact it seems they had intelligently let AURORA guide the sound and be herself as very much as possible as a very young artist first learning to produce in the studio (don’t forget, AURORA included her own field recordings, including the sound of her hugging a tree – yeah! Believe it!).

Beautifully, every Warrior and Weirdo sees AURORA uniquely and through their own eyes, with their own personal impression, and so we have “Angel” we have “Old Wizard” we have “Viking Princess” we have “Oracle” we have “Queen” (of moths also), we have one or all three of the Triple Goddess, we have the sweet child, we have the elven forest sprite, we have the “dark muse” (yes, even that!) – and who cannot think “Gandalf The White” or perhaps more appropriately Lady of Light” (the translation of Galadriel) after the Bergenfest concert? We have ALL OF THESE visions in this one dear AURORA – for me THE iconic light, the Goddess of Dawn, the harbinger of good fortune amidst an unfortunate human-psyche-ruined world, the child I love, the Ocean’s Daughter….

AURORA brilliantly says this:

“…maybe in some occasions what people see in symbols defines the people more than the symbol itself.”

More and more so, I believe that AURORA will mesmerize us with this magical spell all her own as she moves forward in her creative future. Our hopes are realized that our being compelled to listen early on, to follow her every word and note, will be rewarded with much more brilliant music and lyric, wonderful stories and fairy tales, and heaven knows what more! We’re happily with her all the way to that warm hearth-lit cabin on the forested Norwegian mountain where, in her old age, on cold-winter nights, perhaps she will still enthrall us with her magical stories and maybe some chocolate cookies as well – In any case that little dream is here right now… just close your eyes, listen to the music, and be there.

____rocking aurora






Sources/references: Bottom photo via @AURORAmusic // Top “featured photo” by Tor Høvik fra BT source as shown via AURORA tweet // all other items embeds sourced as shown // Connect at Google+ with Warrior Weirdo Luso // other references via iconiclight