Did you just discover AURORA? Awesome! Get her fantastic album at your favorite retailer, and become her number one fan TODAY! Beautiful, talented, AURORA performs at BERGENFEST 2017! Bergenfest is a music festival held in beautiful surroundings at the Bergenhus Fortress area, in the heart of Bergen’s historic center in Norway. Keep an eye out for footage or snippits of this performance, there are bound to be some. I can guarentee that once you have watched and listened to even just one AURORA video or performance you will spend the next month searching out and watching every interview, photo, video and performance you can find. Join me and thousands of others – we know of what we speak….

aurora aksnes of norway collage photos

Now, to the BERGENFEST business of the day – June 17th 2017 – AURORA prepares:

AURORA – Preparing for Bergenfest in her home town (via @JoaoMJGuerreiro)

Very cute stills from this video via wonderful Tweeter noah@aurorapoetic:

MORE sweet stills from noah@aurorapoetic: 21 year old AURORA is THE BEST ARTIST of Norway in modern times IMO.


AURORA is currently writing and creating her 2nd album, the followup to the amazing and beautiful album of 2016 “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” much revered by fans of this delightful, intelligent, extremely skilled singer, songwriter, and performer.

AURORA will be playing many concert dates in the coming months, including a trip to Brazil, home of thousands of AURORA fans. Please take some time to listen to AURORA’s music, get her first album, and follow her on social media – she really is a magical delight. This young goddess is THE BEST artist humanity has produced in some time. GO.

Dedicated archivist iconiclight has been documenting AURORA since the release of her first album in March 2016 –> Check out Goddess of Dawn:


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read about AURORA’s first album – we call it for short: “AMDGMAAF


Follow AURORA at Twitter – she stays very well connected with her fans and with MUCH LOVE, her unique humor, and caring views: https://twitter.com/AURORAmusic and I promise you that AURORA will be one of the most delightful and interesting artists you have ever encountered.  AURORA just turned 21 on June 15th 2017 – The time is now to begin your journey with her and her art, music and life Through The Eyes of A Child:

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aurora and her harp via @auroramusic twitter

Sources/references: all items referenced from sources as shown (via embeds) // addl items via Goddess of Dawn & iconiclight posts where all photo credits appear with the photos (you may also join the forum listed on far right panel for well-documented photo sources for the “archive-minded”). // addl photo enbedded via aurorwaketheworld Tumblr as shown // Videos via YouTube & VEVO // other items via AURORA at Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

“Fantasy’s taking over – AWAKE ME”

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