Miley Cyrus performed a short but significant concert for Pride Day 2017 June 11th setting Summer on course for youth, representation, activism, pride and acceptance during these times of political hatred, rivarly and cultural confusion. The Happy Hippie exhibited again how amazingly comfortable she is on stage and in her own skin, how vocally  professional she is, singing perfectly and without a hitch. I watched a large portion of Miley’s performance live on periscope and it was very good. She ended her  show with Party In The USA – an old throwback to “early Miley” days. It was quite good! Review: I enjoyed it, glad I caught it!

With her new music and singles this year, (Malibu, and the country music tinged Inspired) a somewhat new look (beachy, confident, sweet), her turns on The Voice (a definite turning point for her), her willingness to take unusual chances musically (ahem… Dead Petz) and her irrepressible personality, Miley is going to be 2017’s Summer Girl of the Year whether the pre-millennial folks like it, hate it, condone it, or scoff at it, while the rest of us younger and older folks might as well appreciate the good of it!  After all, LOVE is good.

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One eyebrow-shudderer for the old stodgers is Miley’s announcement not too long ago that she might be laying off the marijuana for awhile. In any case, there is no question that Miley is one talented human bean and has no problem just being who she is, leaving behind whatever she was yesterday, retaking her previous accomplishments at whim, and somehow remaining visually happy, positive, and framing whatever cause she expouses in a carefree but caring air, virtually managing to simply ignore the hatred and condemnation which she has been subject too regardless of the image that she’s been presenting at the time over the years. This has been Miley so far.

She has that admirable quality of being both soft and tough. She’s heard it all. Miley was “hated on” for being too squeaky clean during the Disney days, then hated on for her “growing into a young woman” years, then hated on for taking visual and musical chances with Wrecking Ball and body-positive exhibitions (admittedly they were a bit wild and surreal at times), then hated on for her stint working with The Flaming Lips, and is now going to be hated on for revisiting her “country music” side again… I mean, lets face it, Miley’s going to be hated on by some group for some thing no matter what she does, and she has handled it WELL all these years! An awful lot of past entertainers in her position ended their lives early in utter confusion and self-destruction. Many at the very least appeared to “lose their minds” in extremely negative ways, taking years to recover if ever, but bearing the scars of self-destruction, so Miley should REALLY be given credit for her sheer STRENGTH and self-acceptance. While I wouldn’t have done it if I were in her position, she showed her body full-out several times in the past year or two… and smoked doob – BIG DEAL – no serious danger dealt. The world didn’t end and America still elected the worst “Predisent” (who, by all accounts, actually IS dangerous to our women-folk and children-folk, as opposed to Miley Cyrus) in the history of the United States.


OPINION PORTION: As someone with my own set of standards (the breadth and limit of which I tend to keep to myself because the practicalities of them apply to ME and are imposed by myself upon myself only), I have no serious problem with Miley’s explorations as long as there is no specific harm being done. I wouldn’t have done some of the things she’s done. Nevertheless, I’ve kept an open mind. God Bless Miley Cyrus.

Having said that, the only possible excuse to be “judgemental” of things/people of this order may be within the concept of protecting ones own children from influences a parent might disagree with having their children exposed to too early. BUT, a simple solution to this is to shield, prevent, or limit a childs access to TV, the internet and iphone possession at least until they are middle-teens, during and after which no matter WHAT you do they will “hate you” for awhile anyway,  and rebel against the precepts you have imposed until they see for themselves the value of whatever you were intending to instill in them. No matter where you were coming from, I HOPE it wasn’t racism, hatred of each other, or lack of empathy and compassion. MY GOD PEOPLE, CHILL!


The reader can probably tell by the writing here that I’ve actually had to work out my view of Miley over the past couple of years, being one that follows iconography and culture, it’s been important to me to a degree to know where to place what I’ve observed. It’s been a little challenging to level out the view when some of the “shockers” have been a little shocking, but certainly there’s been nothing awful. Only a little surprising. No one was harmed, no blood spilled, and it was all smiles and tongue out along the way.


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