Fireflight announced recently that they will be appearing LIVE in concert in BRAZIL July 15th 2017! “We are excited to announce that we are “getting the band back together” for Som Da Vida in Rio de Janerio, Brazil on Saturday, July 15th! Our beloved brothers Justin Cox and Adam McMillion will be rejoining us…” WOW! Great news! Brazil has a massive music fanbase. Let me repeat… JUSTIN COX & ADAM MCMILLION! A CLASSIC Fireflight lineup! This is going to be great!


Wow – I’m pretty excited about this. I hope there are some good fan vids for the stateside fans to see and hear, I mean… this is a historical moment. Thank heavens! ANOTHER NEW ALBUM TOO for 2018, 2019 or 2020? Can you imagine? Hey, you never know… once they get rehearsing for this Brazil gig, they might have some inspirations that can bring the idea together. Wow. Hope. I’m totally dreaming… theres not been the slightest hint that something like a whole new album could come together in the future.. but read on…

Wish them the best on this tour! For safe travel and everything working perfect! Keep Fireflight and the crew and the fans in your thoughts and prayers! – iconiclight (previous post)

I love all of the tracks on RE•IMAG•INNOVA and particularly I really enjoy listening to “Here and Now” – wow, what an amazing vocal from Dawn Michele. I am reminded every time I listen (and I listen to Fireflight often!) how great a vocal artist Dawn is. She has inspired me again and again. Just brilliant.

This brilliant EP is only available as audio download:

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I also want to shout out to INNOVA – Fireflight’s awesome 2015 release…

Fireflight INNOVA Cover LARGE


Keep Fighting
I’ve Got the Power
Here and Now
The Fallout
Easy To Break
We Are Alive
Out of My Head
This is Our Time
Light Inside

Album Credits: INNOVA 2015

Performance Credits

Fireflight   Primary Artist
Geoff Duncan   Guitar,Keyboards
Rusty Varenkamp   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Joshua Silverberg   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Glenn Drennen   Guitar,Background Vocals
Wendy Drennen   Bass,Background Vocals
Dawn Michele   Vocals
Adam McMillion   Drums
Kipp Williams   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Becca Bradley   Cello
Phoenix Drennen   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Geoff Duncan   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Rusty Varenkamp   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Joshua Silverberg   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Miles McPherson   Drum Engineering
Glenn Drennen   Executive Producer,Art Direction
Matt Pamer   Artwork
Dawn Michele   Composer
Jared Fox   Drum Engineering
Kipp Williams   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Matt Parner   Artwork

Dawn Michele is the only member of the four Fireflight members listed as an actual composer for each song on INNOVA, each track having co-composer credits with Geoff, Rusty, Kipp or Joshua. INNOVA is available as a CD. I can’t say I’ve ever seen it nor any other Fireflight albums ever in vinyl. If they’re out there let me know!

resuscitate innova dawn michele fireflight

…the music via vinyl? Wow, that would be something wouldn’t it? Re-imagine this: The entire Fireflight catalog remastered and pressed to vinyl. Wonder if ever? IDK! It would be a daunting and expensive project, maybe impossible. Who knows! That’s two dreams!

As a follow up to all of the Fireflight band activity that we’ll be seeing this year, I will be posting quite a bit about the band, both as news items and as retrospective reviews and features (including photos and videos), so be sure to FOLLOW and also, read all of my posts about FIREFLIGHT here on wordpress!

Check out the iconiclight FULL REVIEWS of Innova and RE•IMAG•INNOVA

Beautiful stills from the fun and joyful video WE ARE ALIVE:

FIREFLIGHT, from the iconic album “NOW” era… Wendy, Glenn, Dawn, Adam, Justin.

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