Alvvays is touring 2017 but it’s always nice to revisit past performances!

First up, a couple of sweet shots from the CBC Music Festival 2016:

Above: Molly Rankin – very cool.

Above: The band rocks the stage!

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Next up, Woods Stage at Pickathon 2016:



I’m not sure Alvvays has ANY currently active BAND social media accounts. Try Facebook perhaps? There is Twitter but it’s not active recently. Maybe they’re waiting for the 2nd album to strike up the social again? Maybe they just want to play music.

Alvvays (pronounced “Always”) is a Canadian indie pop/rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2011. The band currently consists of vocalist Molly Rankin, keyboardist Kerri MacLellan, guitarist Alec O’Hanley, bassist Brian Murphy, and drummer Phil MacIsaac. Their debut album, Alvvays, was released in 2014, peaking at number one on the U.S. college charts. They are currently working on a second studio album. (Wikipedia)

Stills are from CBC Music Festival YouTube Vids: 2016

and a Pickathon live vid for you to view – also: here’s a cool write up at

LATER SUMMER TOUR DATES set so far:  SAT 5 AUGUST. Lollapalooza 2017 Chicago, IL, US. SAT 26 AUGUST. – SUN 27 AUGUST. This Must Be The Place 2017 Leeds, UK. THU 31 AUGUST. – SUN 3 SEPTEMBER. End of the Road Festival 2017S alisbury, UK. SAT 30 SEPTEMBER. – SUN 1 OCTOBER. Music Tastes Good Festival! 2017 Marina Green, Long Beach, CA, US – for any particulars check your favorite Ticket outlet.


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As I wrote above, ALVVAYS does not currently appear to be active on any of the BAND’S site at time of this posting BUT, the do have an Instagram – Love this photo:

somebody's storked for @weezer today @projectpabst we're at 3:30

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Have a great summer kids!


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