Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Indie pop, dream pop, indie rock, jangle pop, lo-fi, art rock, surf rock

A few notes about Alvvays. Though they’ve been together as a group quite a few years,  the composing lead, singer-songwriter Molly (far right, lead vocals, guitar), and keyboardist Kerri (center, backing vocals, keyboards) have been writing together since childhood, the group Alvvays (pronounced “always”) only released an album in 2014, after forming in 2011 following Molly’s first solo record SHE in 2010 produced with Alec O’Hanley, who became Alvvays’ guitarist when Molly formed the group in 2011. Alvvays have been touring on and off since, while also reportedly working on a new album (It’s 3 years later now, a bit of a long length of time).

The 2014 album of 9 songs could be described as fun, mostly uptempo, quirky, cute, and melodically very pleasant. Archie, Marry Me is probably one of the best of the lot, but I quite like most of the others as well! I particularly like Ones Who Love You, which I felt very comfortable adding to my smooth-pop-and-not-quite-shoegazer playlist (is that what “Jangle Pop” is then?). OWLY is easy with a gentle but driving beat, really quite remarkable lyrically, topically Canadian (part of it’s charm) & really, just plain good.

Alvvays - Birthdays, London, 05/08/14 | By Wunmi Onibudo

There is a possibility that Alvvays will release a new album in 2017, as they have appeared at some major venues in 2016, have played a few new songs in live appearances, and it seems likely that the album may finally be on it’s way. I’ve chosen a few notable “fave songs” for now as an overview, and some keen concert appearances to give an idea of what they do:

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me (Official Video) 2014

There are tons of great little live appearances that point up how sweet and downright good this group is as a live light-rock band, here’s one:

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me (In session for Amazing Radio)

Back to the “official” videos, another good song of theirs:

Alvvays – Next of Kin (Official Video) 2014

Here’s that FAVE I mentioned above: ONES WHO LOVE YOU (live on KEXP):

Reference: The entire set: Alvvays – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

The Look:  “Freaks Rock” & nerdy-cool – decidedly pop-indie, mid/upper-class beach-kids. Does anyone else get that Molly looks a bit like a cross between Avril Lavigne & Aurora Aksnes (of Norway)? Uncanny.

The Sound: Melody-wise I sometimes get a slight hint of 78/79 Blondie (ie like “Pretty Baby” or any of the early 60’s girl-group-style songs of Blondie), but softer of course, without a hint of “punk” – but anyway, the connection in the melody is there sometimes. I find Alvvays’ eponymous 2014 record to be entirely pleasant, gently rocking, and easy to listen to. The “cool” but almost nerdy vibe is nice, and I look forward to more from Alvvays!

Alvvays – Glastonbury Festival 2015 Full [720p]:

Alvvays | CBC Music Festival 2016

Molly Rankin – vocals, guitar (2011–present)
Kerri MacLellan – keyboards (2011–present)
Alec O’Hanley – guitar (2011–present)
Brian Murphy – bass guitar (2011–present)
Phil MacIsaac – drums (2011–present)

I will followup on Alvvays as news comes available this year as I usually do with previously featured groups, so follow the blog and comment below if you like!



Sources/References: Wikipedia Top “featured photo” is video stills collage from official video Archie, Marry Me // Other credits: a Shervin Lainez photo of the band with type&decorative edit appeared in a link-to post to this page. Other photos are general press release and review photos via google search and other sources including:

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