Live, in-concert renditions of ESCAPE from Fireflight’s 2012 album “NOW” often began with a spoken word introduction, setting an intense theatrical mood for the performance of the powerful, allegorical song to come.  View this example:

An iconiclight follower asked for a text version of the beginning of the above concert because the audio was a bit unclear from the recording and there was a necessity to translate the spoken word portion from Fireflight’s native english into Portuguese for the Brazil fans that might be interested in the exact wording of the text for accurate translation.

Here’s what I was able to get from the video:

Just the mention of the word conjures the visions of freedom:
Visions of torn bindings and broken chains;
of feet sprinting through open fields
carrying you to a destination;
a destination that holds the promise of something better,
something safer.
All the while your heart is pounding through your chest,
pounding so hard from (with?) the joy and exhilaration of being free,
free of that which once held you captive…

As your mind races,
you dream of a time…
a time in which you are no longer defined by brokenness and desperation;
the conflagrations of fire that burn so intensely in your spirit.

At one time or another….
At one time or another we all long to escape.

Tonight, we can all escape…
we can all escape…
we can all escape together.

Are you ready to escape?”

I think it’s accurate, with the only question being (at first glance) whether the word “from” or “with” is used in the one sentence shown. Either way the meaning would be very close to the same, so it may be inconsequential.

The Portuguese (Brazil) translation of the intro via Twitter friend @iagogblee:

A simples menção da palavra conjura visões de liberdade:
Visões de amarras e correntes quebradas;
De pés correndo pelos campos
Lhe carregando para um destino
Um destino que possui a promessa de algo melhor, algo seguro
Ao mesmo tempo seu coração bate forte no seu peito, batendo tanto de alegria e excitação por estar livre; livre daquilo que um dia lhe manteve em cativeiro.

Enquanto sua mente acelera, você sonha com um tempo, um tempo no qual voce não é mais definido pelo quando está em pedaços ou desesperado
As conflagrações de fogo que queimam tão intensamente no seu espírito

Em um momento ou outro… Em um momento ou outro todos nós desejamos escapar

Hoje à noite podemos todos fugir
Todos nós podemos escapar
Todos podemos fugir juntos

Você está pronto para escapar?”

and the Portuguese (Portugal) translation of the intro via longtime forum friend @JoaoMJGuerreiro:

Apenas a menção desta palavra evoca as visões de liberdade:
Visões de ligações rasgadas e correntes partidas;
de pés correndo através de campos abertos
levando-te a um destino;
um destino que detém a promessa de algo melhor,
algo mais seguro.
Todo o tempo em que o coração te bate no peito,
batendo tão forte com a alegria e satisfação de ser livre,
livre daquilo que um dia te manteve preso(a)…

“Enquanto a tua mente corre,
tu sonhas sobre um tempo…
um tempo em que já não te defines pela fragilidade e pelo desespero;
o incêndio que arde tão intensamente no teu espírito.

Num ou noutro momento…
Num ou noutro momento todos nós desejamos escapar.

Esta noite, nós podemos todos escapar…
nós podemos escapar todos…
nós podemos escapar todos juntos.

Estás preparado(a) para escapar?”

The lyrics to the song itself follows (in English only for now):


My hands are tied, they’re going numb
I don’t know where they’ve brought me
My throat’s torn raw from all my screams
But no one can hear me
In the dark it seems I lose my dignity
Between the pain and tears
There’s only fear

Escape (We don’t have to save ourselves)
We will not be contained
(Let’s fly away with all the angels)
We’re breaking out tonight

Searching for a crack of light
But it seems to be changing
Is the sun leaving the sky
Or is it me that is fading
In the dark unseen
I know you search for me
I feel you drawing near
You fight my fear

Escape (We don’t have to save ourselves)
We will not be contained
(Let’s fly away with all the angels)
We’re breaking out tonight
Fear is not our master anymore
Run with me, escape
We’re breaking out tonight
This is our time
We can’t let our fear define us
This is our time
From this nightmare we’re reborn
This is our time
This is our time to escape

We will not be contained
(Let’s fly away with all the angels)
We’re breaking out tonight
Fear is not our master anymore
Run with me, escape
We’re breaking out tonight

You’re not hopeless
You’re not worthless
You are loved
Don’t give up
This is your time

Written by 1. Fireflight, Mark Holman, Rauch, Dave Stovall (Wikipedia) (c)2012 &  2. ℗ 2012 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment. Released on: 2012-03-02. Composer, Lyricist: Jasen Rauch Composer, Lyricist: Mark Holman Composer, Lyricist: Dave Stovall (this “2.” info is from the Sony post at YouTube).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All over the internet, at genius(dot)com, on many “lyric video” posts on Youtube, virtually everywhere, the lyrics to this song are posted INACCURATELY. Particularly the one inaccurately posted line “We don’t want to save ourselves” which is not the actual words sang by Justin Cox. Seems almost everywhere, this line is listed as being “want” instead of “have” which completely changes the meaning of the line, and is absolutely inaccurate. The ACTUAL and correct line is:

We don’t have to save ourselves

The meaning of don’t have to is significantly different than don’t want to and it’s important because Fireflight’s intent about the spiritual messages of their songs has been stated by them often. And there is a strong difference between those two meanings. One word error in translation matters. (If you’ve read the many books about the translation and compilation of ancient texts over the ages, you can understand why this one word makes a difference).

I’m grateful to have a chance to set the record straight on this lyric. We’ll see if the information will show throughout the internet as hoped. Of course, the listeners of Fireflight songs past, present, and future, independent of the “lyric sites” and inaccurate YouTube “lyric videos” already know what the lyric really is (as vocalized by Justin Cox). If you happen to see an inaccuracy in my post here, or in the translation (s), please let me know below in the comment section. These unusual details are important to me for some reason 🙂

There are many instances of spoken word delivered by Dawn Michele (Lead singer of Fireflight) as lead-ins to songs during Fireflight concerts. I would like to write as many as I can find time to do so, and I intend to post them here in this blog post as I gather them. It will take time, so please follow and keep an eye on iconiclight posts for further updates if you are interested in the gathering of these spoken word segments of Fireflight song intros! See all iconiclight Fireflight related posts HERE.

To wrap up this post I invite you to listen to the album version of ESCAPE by Fireflight:

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Just a note on the lyric itself. Even i myself, have had to come back and correct the “need” “have” “want” confusion in my english version, and so obviously there is some kind of automatic error that pushes to get into these lyrics. Weird, that! Anyway, it’s all correct now. 🙂 (May 9th 2017)