Bunnies are hopping (and doing other springy things!), the sprouts are sprouting, trees (oh blessed trees!) are leafing, while flowers venture bloom, one after another.  Also this:  the buggies begin to buzz and bother – hence toads and frogs begin to sing and dine…. Ah, spring! The verdant season…

But first, an AURORA photos recognition! Fault Magazine presents some light and lovely photos of the queen taken by Miles Holder, with styling by Miranda and Viktoria Aksnes.


I first saw these photos here via “@AURORAupdats” Twitter, and I show them in minimal quality only in reference (see bottom of this page), so…

A few last chirps will follow from Twitter & elsewhere, wrapping up the month of April!

Here being about halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, we (or some of us) visit the holy wells, enjoy parades, crown a May Queen, and dance around the May Pole (and the bonfire, quite after nightfall).

The Christians also have their own celebrations to usher in spring, primarily I suppose what are called “Christian May Festivals” – In any case, make of the various celebrations what you will, but in ancient European traditions (and modern neopagan recognitions) April 30th and May 1st has significance as a celebration of this verdant time of year (in the northern hemisphere) in many traditions. Even in Marian devotions, the May Altar may be found in some churches, and in celebrants homes (as well as, in varying forms, the homes of some neopagans). Sir James Frazer in The Golden Bough conjectured that May celebrations were developed in early forms with the beginning of herding societies, but his work is so overly obsessed with morbid hysterics, that I refer to it only in passing.

All of that aside, there’s no question that Spring, with all of it’s rekindling of fresh green and living things animated sunwise with fertile intentions, a bit of happy optimism takes hold. And for those willing to enjoy them, the summer activities are just around the corner. Following are photos in collage of various celebrations, often centered in festival activities (photos from Wikipedia and Google “may pole” “Beltane” etc. search terms):


Deprived of root, and branch, and rind,
Yet flowers I bear of every kind:
And such is my prolific power,
They bloom in less than half an hour;

– Jonathan Swift in his poem “A Maypole

Now, back to AURORA!

AURORA appeared in Berlin with Magnus Skylstad & Odd Martin Skalnes! I love this because both of these talented musicians produced AURORA’s amazing debut full-length album!

And below, the tweet I referenced earlier:

Now, finally we arrive at THIS GUY:

its gonna be may-ay


…we ought not end with that! Here, this is better:


Have a happy, fertile spring 2017!


UPDATE: I’ve ascertained after posting, that the AURORA photoshoot referenced and shown in low res form here is actually from issue number 24 of Fault-Magazine and apparently can be ordered here: http://www.booksmagazinesetc.com/proddetail.php?prod=FAULT24

This day’s magic number was “43” and YES, there are more page 11’s…

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