Several items of interest came via iconiclight and related Twitter accounts on and around April 17th 2017, including an announced retirement by iconiclight from being an Admin at the AURORA FORUM by fans for fans. ALSO, published was a lovely magazine article from Coup De Main featuring AURORA which has MANY gorgeous new photos of AURORA (Aurora Aksnes of Norway). Let’s go through some of the items one by one…

iconiclight has retired from being a administrator at the AURORA fan Forum by fans for fans after serving for nearly a year! WarriorsWeirdos at proboards is a fantastic forum made by fans for fans and features 100’s of members, the latest news, fun activities, as well as a comprehensive tour and photo archive with emphasis on crediting photographers and publishers for their work. The FORUM is highly recommended by iconiclight (this blog’s author), who has been intending to retire from administrator responsibility for many months.

Spring and the beginning of summer 2017 seemed like a good time to separate from the responsibilities of forum administration. There’s much gardening and outside activities to focus on, and with time limited, a few health issues, other changes at the forum, a growing music blog with a broader inclusion of other artists, and Tumblrs with combined followers of over 1500 people, I really needed to finally leave the remaining work, growth, and maintenance of the forum to the Founding Admin as well as the  staff of the forum.”

You can read the history of how iconiclight became involved as an administrator at the AURORA Forum for fans by fans at the “HAPPY FIRST YEAR” post w/ Goddess of Dawn.

Wrapping it up, reaching back to a tweet from the founding Admin of the forum…

Waving goodbye, at end of concert, AURORA and her 2016 beloved by many fans band…

Please continue to follow Warriors & Weirdos @Aurora_Forum which is administered by the FOUNDER of the forum (see above).


Coup De Main has published an amazing article with many beautiful new photos of AURORA. Follow the links shown in the Twitter embeds below to fully experience this wonderful article and the accompanying photos!

I hope you enjoy the Coup De Main article! I sure did!


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Thank you reading and enjoying iconiclight/GoddessofDawn for over a year now!

There’s much more to come!