I love watching Fireflight concerts in retrospect. This rocking band with positive messages & energetic music can really make a day better. Today I’m featuring a small set found on YouTube from Sonshine Festival 2012. The banner photo above shows Dawn Michele, Glenn Drennen and Justin Cox in center panels with Wendy Drennen insert at top left and Adam McMillion insert at top right.  Credit is found at the YouTube videos as shown.

First up are the caps, then follows the video sets, then below that the remaining  caps. (sorry the caps are not as sharp as we wish, but still great!) Enjoy!


720p HD video. Recorded live at Sonshine Festival 2012 Willmar Civic Center, Willmar, Minnesota on July 13, 2012. Published on Jul 14, 2012


2 For Those Who Wait

3 Desperate

4 Stronger Than You Think


6 What I’ve Overcome

7 Unbreakable



I hope you enjoyed this 2012 set! The band was great on this! Dawn Michele in top vocal form, enjoying the crowd immensely, and stunningly beautiful with the “NOW” era hair and outfit. All the rest of the band looked and sounded awesome, all energetic and enjoying this beautiful sunny day. I was amazed to see the “NOW” beachballs and it’s funny because when I tweeted this:

I didn’t even know they existed in the past! Wouldn’t it be cool to have one today?


sources/references: all credits as shown.

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