It’s 2008 and FIREFLIGHT had just released their “new record” UNBREAKABLE!

I’m pretty fond of the FIREFLIGHT DVD: Front Row Live (2008) cable concert – I watch clips of it frequently.

This concert is visually great, and it also has some raw instrument and singing moments I enjoy a lot. Dawn, of course, is gorgeous with beautiful hair, the “Unbreakable era” look, and providing some nice hair-whipping & headbanging she’s well known for. Justin looks WILD and has such a fantastic backing voice, tonally fitting perfectly against Dawn’s lead vocals. There’s a cool moment when Glenn and Wendy play an intro face to face, Glenn is beaming – it’s pretty awesome. There’s no strong Phee spotlight on this one, no big drum solos, but he rocks it well as he usually does.

Okay back to the DVD itself… Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it for purchase anywhere in a 2017 search (still looking!). In the meantime, there are quite a few cut up sets online of the concert – some are quite low quality, others are higher viewing quality, but are not synced well, so… the only thing to do is pick a few good ones and leave the rest of the search to you! For now, we’ve got a couple of attractive screenshots, as well as a couple of the videos that worked pretty well. Enjoy!


You Gave Me A Promise

Stand Up
The Hunger

Brand New Day
It’s You
Wrapped In Your Arms


You Decide


So Help Me God

If you like this you can view a well synced PLAYLIST of the entire set

The band at this time–> LEAD VOCALS: Dawn Richardson (ie; Dawn Michele), GUITAR (left of frame): Justin Cox, GUITAR (right of frame): Glenn Drennen, BASS: Wendy Drennen, and DRUMS: Phee Shorb

Here is the Album that’s current to this appearance–> UNBREAKABLE:

A couple of the selections performed in this Front Row Live set are from the 2006 album: The Healing of Harms

Sources: all stills are from the gospel network Front Row Live videos – fairly low quality. Some have the FIREFLIGHT logo attached instead of the network logo. Album art shown, as fair use for review.

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