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Re•Imag•Innova is AWESOME.
After weeks of enjoying the new release which is actually a digital “EP” I couldn’t help but to post my own listening party #followup, because this music is a permanent part of my playlists rotation. NOTE: #ReImagInnova is only available in digital form at this time.

According to a previous message from Fireflight, the “EP is a collection of handpicked songs from our 2015 record INNOVA. These songs have been reworked and reimagined with a whole new vibe and perspective….”

Here’s a IG from some time ago showing FIREFLIGHT lead singer Dawn Michele at work:

You can read my first Fireflight update from the day after release (March 2nd) that includes a lot of additional information & photos here.

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I LOVE THIS BAND’S MUSIC, and I love the work they’ve done over the past 15 years. Dawn Michele is an amazing singer and the more I listen to her, the more I love and respect her remarkable talent.

Here and now
Never felt like this before
But it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for
Been waiting to step into the future. Step into the future
Here and now…

(photo/lyrics from excellent New Release Today “Behind The Song” article)

I love the slick, tight production over the course of all of Fireflight’s albums, rooted in a fuzzy rhythm-guitar-heavy hardrock/pop which eventually led to the electronic/rock/pop fusion of Innova and it’s 2017 “re-imagining” which is described as acoustic, although I find it much more intricately mixed and instrumentally complex than that description may suggest.

FYI Fireflight can fully ROCK OUT live as well – see the many concert videos on YouTube, where there’s a dozen+ years of material to dig through… and it’s fun searching for the best quality shoots of the best performances.

Dawn has really come to the forefront for Innova (2015) and Re•Imag•Innova (2017) in working and writing with producer Geoff Duncan as seen at Dawn’s Instagram:

dawn michele fireflight

Now back to my review… I highly recommend this EP, and all of Fireflight’s albums.
Below: segments from my “full review” of Re•Imag•Innova…

fireflight reimaginova innova dawn michele

Dawn Michele is a remarkable singer, especially when she is creating her art in the studio, with her distinctive explorations of new ways to approach a vocal, reaching up for those amazing high notes with power and clarity….

I personally believe she is one of the best studio vocalists around, being a singer that tries a wide range of experiments in style and ways to form her words and carry energy throughout a line, verse or chorus. Ever heard “Escape” ?? Once the chorus starts, the vocals… It’s stunning.

Dawn again hits those amazing highs, and she does it with energy and in some cases varying skillfully between an impassioned energy to emphasise a moment, and then a soft breathiness to deliver a gentle, loving thought. Dawn is an expert, there’s no question about it. She tries new things and she succeeds.

I like every track on this EP which puts it squarely to the 5/5 range if I were rating….

Although it is said that the EP is “acoustic” I would almost shy away from saying that. It is not purely acoustic. Obviously there is an acoustic element to the songs, and although the “dance beats” from INNOVA are not part of the mix here, there is still an electronic element (in some cases a lot of electronic mixing elements) in the production, and so I think the most accurate way to describe Re•Imag•Innova is, as Fireflight has said, “a re-imagining” of select tracks from INNOVA. That is EXACTLY what Re•Imag•Innova is. This is not just Dawn with a sit-in guitarist and someone on bongos… this is a polished, professional, and finely tuned set of recordings….

You can read all or many of my Fireflight reviews (they have several other albums I’ve reviewed in greater depth) at my other FIREFLIGHT posts.

Fireflight in 2017 is officially Dawn Michele, Glenn Drennen, and Wendy Drennen.

Dawn said in an interview that they expect to make a small tour to Brazil sometime this year. I really haven’t heard yet if there is anything else on the agenda. In any case, Fireflight’s and Dawn’s fans look forward to any and all that she or they do. Dawn IS working on a new project. Keep an eye and ear out for it!

TIP: Follow! – I will be doing periodic updates – how can i resist? Fireflight is very inspiring! And Dawn has a permanent fan page in iconiclight’s book, that’s for sure! (below: via google images “Dawn Michele Fireflight”)

I’ve found that I love all of Fireflight’s albums! Check them all out! And listen to my Fireflight playlist 40 at Spotify – we’re talking 40 favorite songs all in one place! Kick back for an evening. If you want my “best of the best” play FIREFLIGHT 23 Essentials

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SHOWN: The Healing of HarmsUnbreakable – For Those Who Wait – NOWInnova – RE•IMAG•INNOVA

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UPDATE Apr 02, 2017: iconoscopicmuse received a question at Twitter if Dawn will be working on a solo album, and so we add the additional info here so her fans can keep an eye and ear out for it:

Dawn Michele is currently working on a “solo project” as revealed at her Instagram and in an interview with NRT working with one of the producers on INNOVA, Rusty Varenkamp, which she describes as something more related to her work at Sagebrush Church along the lines of a Worship Leader and she says, this gives an idea of what the direction of this “little side project” is. She’s working and has been working with a number of writers and singers on this project. More news will follow when she’s ready to reveal more.