My favorite iconic images of AURORA are from the videos Runaway (2015) and Conqueror (2016) which were directed by Kenny McCracken….


The iconic blue outfit was created by AURORA’s fashion designer sister Viktoria Aksnes. Often, AURORA’s sister Miranda Aksnes also works side by side with her sisters as the makeup artist / hair designer. The Aksnes family are from Norway. Visit & follow AURORA today!

Learn more about Kenny McCracken:  Photographer & film maker based in the London & Bristol.


Goddess of Dawn is a hub for AURORA fans at Tumblr with well over 1000 followers. Check it!


2016 was a remarkable year for AURORA. She debuted on US television, appeared on all the major late night shows to perform her hit song Conqueror. She released her first full length record album, and accomplished a major North American tour which included a number of very large venues. She also appeared at GLASTONBURY, a major accomplishment for any young artist. She played several other major venues in Europe as well.

She is currently working on her followup to All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, which she describes as having been titled as a reference to her hope that people can come to understand themselves and accept their experiences in life as growth experiences regardless of how difficult some of these experiences can be. AURORA has been lauded by her very dedicated fans (known as Warriors and/or Weirdos) as very wise for her young age. And there’s no question she is a delightful person, with many appealing and endearing personality traits. While some fans insist she is an “angel” to them, she’s said that no, she is who she is, that she’s not an angel, but she’s been very conscious of what she percieves as her responsibility to accept that people look up to her, and act accordingly. Nevertheless, she’s whimsical, real, communicative to fans, all the while saying “I’m just a person” – suffice it to say she is well loved by her fans, and it’s no secret that once you listen to her music, watch a few videos, and check out a couple of interviews, you will be hooked on AURORA. You’re liable to become a fan before you know it. I can say this after knowing her for a year: She has a magical charm. Enjoy!

DECCA records has an “Official” AURORA site, but it’s not really where AURORA communes with fans. Look at it anyway, it DOES have the merchandise you;ll be looking for after you become obsessed with her:

>>The best places to connect FOR REAL with AURORA, the person, is her social media sites:  or

MY favorite place to connect with AURORA is Twitter

If you enjoy talking about your fandom with other fans, I highly recommend the free signup proboards FORUM which has become a very nice hub for fans, having been made by fans for fans of AURORA. I’ve actually never seen an archive of material grow so quickly and become so extensive as the Forum. It’s unique!

I think there are other places to connect with AURORA fans at Facebook, Tumblr, and maybe elsewhere, but I don’t frequent many of those sites. I find most of what I need at the sites mentioned above.

I hope you enjoyed the iconic film stills of the fascinating singer/songwriter AURORA featuring the work of Kenny McCracken! We all had a wonderful morning – here’s looking forward to an enlightened day!

– iconiclight

If you’d enjoy learning a bit more about the iconic video for “CONQUEROR” read this article about the “young boy” actor that appeared in it! It’s a fascinating short story!


Check out these beautiful moving gifs from the amazing video RUNAWAY (here’s one…)