Sparks OFFICIAL VIDEO for Hippopotamus has been released and the song is AWESOME!

Looks like the album, which is due out by September 2017 is going to be a great one!

Here’s a little look back:

Sparks are fascinating!

Headed by brothers Ron & Russell Mael, Sparks have contributed to the iconography of rock and synth-pop for something like 50+ YEARS!

With 23 or more albums, and still sounding amazing with quirky and complex compositions, Russel’s clear falsetto vocals, and Ron’s brilliant keyboard stylings, Sparks are instantly recollected at first sight of brother Ron’s weird and wonderful stiff stares into the camera in performance at the keyboards/synths.


Ron and Russell Mael – Then and Now

I’ll add here two videos, one is from 1979, one of their well known songs Sparks – The Number One Song In Heaven (TOTP) (1979) (HD) if you don’t giggle or even laugh out loud when the camera switches abruptly to Ron’s deadpan stare… well… you may need to check your pulse.

and… since TOTP vids tend to go missing on YT… here’s another…

Brilliant aren’t they?

Now, just to be sure you know that SPARKS are still amazing, watch the next video from 2008 – stunningly complex rhythm (doing one of their early songs “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us) – a song with amazing composition:

There’s more! Watch and hear Sparks & The Heritage Orchestra Perform The Number One Song In Heaven Live at The Barbican 20/12/14- Even from a distance you can FEEL Ron’s stare hahaha.. oh and Russell’s falsetto is beautiful. Ron even does the RON DANCE and also takes a gentle tumble… gracefully somehow! It’s 2014, the man is around 7 decades old! Gotta love Ron.

Sparks played Lowlands in 2015, and teamed for an album with Franz Ferdinand, dubbing the combo as FFS. You can find vids of the performance and their official promo videos on Youtube.

I’m really looking forward to HIPPOPOTAMUS!

and remember “the tried and true is good enough for me and you” HAHAHA “It’s a little retro and a bit passe” HAHAHA!

Missionary Position

is probably going to be my favorite song on the album! Here it is live on 24 March 2017 along with many other of the songs from Hippopotamus. I don’t know if this or these vids will stay up for long, so have a look:

Here’s are a still of Russell – awesome!


and here’s one more look back:

Another great song, with Ron Mael’s extremely understated comedic presence, a shrug of the shoulders, a scratch of the head like he’s lounging at home rather than on national (French) TV, that Chaplin Mustache. Perfect. Can’t hardly believe Ron is 70+ years old now.. gosh


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