I like to do follow-ups when possible, a few weeks or so after I’ve initially listened and reviewed an album. Naturally it’s a particular pleasure to revisit Sherri DuPree-Bemis!

Artist: “Eisley”
Release date: February 17, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Produced with Will Yip at the bands Tyler TX studio.


“Sherri serves up an ‘Eisley’ album that, although quite good, with a few nice highlights, really isn’t an Eisley album at all. Still very GOOD, but it’s one that’s going to take a few listens for a typical classic Eisley fan to accept. I like it! But, it should have been called ‘I’m Only Dreaming by Sherri DuPree-Bemis’ because this IS a solo album by Sherri, and only vaguely resembles the classic sound.. vaguely because Sherri is singing all the songs. The writing is very good, the lyrics are good and explore much more personal (but generally pleasant) themes. Missing are the very fanciful fairytale-like lyrics of early Eisley (maybe not surprising because, well… they’ve grown up after all! – despite the insistence of Brightly Wound).” –ref

Personal Favorite: When You Fall


1. Always Wrong
2. Defeatist
3. A Song for the Birds ft. Max Bemis
4. Sparking
5. My Best Friend
6. Rabbit Hole
7. Louder Than a Lion ft. Anthony Green
8. You Are Mine
9. When You Fall
10. Snowfall
11. Brightest Fire

“Both long term fans AND new fans will probably have to listen to the entire album a couple of times to get it… let it grow on you.” The more I listen to it, the more I get a grip on which songs I like the most, and how the album strikes me. Well, it doesn’t “strike” me… so much as it… drifts in and finds a place to settle and get comfy.

Overall, I’m Only Dreaming is a beautiful and personal album. A good example of the vibe on the “personal feels” level is Rabbit Hole

First VIDEO has been released! Louder Than A Lion

Louder Than A Lion has grown on me after listening over a few weeks. It’s still not my favorite track on the album, but it’s good. A very small tweak or two on the lyrics in the first couple of verses, and a much HARDER, fuzzier guitar treatment would have made this a GREAT song. I particularly like the Anthony Green running vocal hook segment at the end… I actually wished it would keep going a little longer. What makes that hook  good? It’s really not his voice that makes it stand out (I’ll never really understand “indie” walk-ons for “indie” songs) because it could have been sung by Sherri or anyone… but melodically, the vocal hook is the catchiest part of the track, it just could have been extended I think.

My favorite tracks have remained mostly the same after many listens: Always Wrong, A Song For The Birds (Max Bemis’ vocal bit is PERFECT – it’s a good addition), My Best Friend (love it!), and many of the rest. Sparking doesn’t appeal to me – not sure why. As I say, Rabbit Hole is a really good song, I love it. You Are Mine is pretty good – I like the rhythm a lot. When You Fall is hands down my favorite song on the album.

An ALTERNATIVE COVER (not real, its a shoop!):

Photos of the beautiful, whimsical, Sherri DuPree-Bemis (source: Instagram)

DELIGHTFUL! And so, my follow-up review after some weeks of listening to this record: “I’m Only Dreaming” isn’t really an EISLEY album per se. But it is a very good Sherri album. There’s no question that vocally she is in top form on this album. These are Sherri’s best and most beautifully mixed vocals ever on an Eisley album. Musically, there are some interesting progressions and a couple of surprising musical turns melodically. The album is mixed beautifully, and all of the tracks have a nice finished quality.

Here is what some early reviewers wrote:
“This is an album full of beautiful and delicate power.” – CLRVYNT
“DuPree-Bemis’ vocals are delicate and sincere,
evoking the inner battle illustrated in the lyrics.” – Billboard
“The Texas crew have created a piece of art that probes into what it means to love and be loved with real intent and passion.” – Rock Sound
“…magical and engaging…” – Alternative Press

Listen on Spotify:

Playlist of the tracks at YouTube

If your a classic (1997-2013) Eisley fan, read this post: Eisley *NEW ALBUM* but first, this retrospective: with classic photos of the band, and an overall retrospective of my favorite Eisley era.

Review by @iconiclight (Feb 20th, 2017 with followup on 26 March 2017) 


Sources: Many facts and references are either from, or can be cross-referenced at, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eisley. Photos/album art are primarily sourced from  Sherri or Eisley. Otherwise, the reviews and opinions are by iconiclight. The latest news can be obtained at the Official Eisley site: https://www.eisley.com/