Fireflight Live WATCH VIDEO BELOW – (shown as having been recorded “in MD” but the set list matches more acurately a setlist notated for an Ohio appearence on Feb 9th in Dublin OH, but there is also a listing for a concert in Maryland the following night, Feb 10th in GenXaret, Columbia, MD, USA, and I’m guessing that’s what this is, although the set list for that concert doesn’t quite match what is seen here, although the video timing makes sense having been uploaded Feb 11th  2013) – The recordings shown in two videos here is approx 40 minutes. I don’t know if there is another section or not. In any case, this would definitely be one or the other of the February dates -probably the Feb 10th date. Check out some sweet stills from the video.


VIDEO BELOW: Fireflight is awesome! The microphone doesn’t work at first, it’s quite a scene LOL – Glenn points Dawn to use the backup mic. She picks it up right at the start of the lyric “We don’t need this complication” LOL sweet synchronicity – Finally the lead mic gets fixed. The band looks great, and Dawn is beautiful as usual, wearing the “NOW” era white outfit, with the short white jacket instead of the long coat…

(Fire In My Eyes is very hot! Starts at 6:49)


I love Dawn’s hair during this NOW era and “Save Me NOW” tour! Reminds me of the current SUPERGIRL TV show hairstyle! I Love it!


Set List of the 1st clip (part one):
Fire In My Eyes
Stay Close
What I’ve Overcome
(Dawn Michele: spiritual monologue)
Keeping Me Alive
For Those Who Wait
(Adam McMillion drum solo segment)
Stand Up
Stronger Than You Think/cut

Set List – video part 2 (continued)

Stronger Than You Think/continued
You Gave Me A Promise… /end of recording.


I always enjoy watching an energetic Fireflight concert, and although this one is pretty shaky with the camera at times (note some blurriness in the stills), it’s still quite fun, and the sound quality is pretty good considering how close the videographer was to the stage. It’s too bad the vid wasn’t in super HD, but even so… well done! One never knows if the fan-filmed concert clips will remain forever, but at least we have a few stills here to enjoy if the video itself ever disappears. Enjoy!

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