Title: Ni Liv
produced by Fredrik Vogsborg

“Silja Sol Dyngeland (born 13 April 1990), known by the stage name Silja Sol, is a pop musician from Bergen, Norway.” and she’s amazingly versatile, a wonderful singer, playing multiple instruments, including guitar, acoustic/electric and synthesizer. She’s toured with the up-and-coming Norwegian singer/songwriter AURORA (Aurora Aksnes), and I think in many ways was kind of a mentor, or at least a comforter and guidance for her in her first performances and experiences performing at the very beginning of her career as a label-mate with Made Management. Silja is well-known in her native Norway, and is a Norwegian “Grammy” nominee in years past (Spellemannprisen 2014), and is probably a very good candidate for a future win. In any case, enjoy her unique video also starring Aurora’s sisters’ CAT:

I DO absolutely love this album, even though unfortunately, I do not speak Norwegian, it’s still catchy, and filled with interesting sound and poetry. I mean I LOVE IT.

LISTEN on Spotify:

Looking back prior to Ni Liv, I posted a “mini-bio” of the beautiful Silja Sol some time ago in a Tumblr post.

Jump all the way back to 2014:

Published on Jun 2, 2014

Film/foto: Eivind Kåset
Klipp: Eivind Kåset & Mario Urban
“Tid” produsert av Kato Ådland

Jumping forward to 2015, 2016, 2017:

There is a very good article on Silja and Ni Liv at we love nordic of Denmark.


Photo: Isabel N Wedin

Be sure to follow Silja at Twitter! @siljasolen “Musiker og låtskriver. Kritisk og naiv. Vann over hodet. Bergen, Norway”