Release date: March 10, 2017
Key note: Authentic ’70s nostalgia
Current members
  • Alaina Moore – vocals, keyboards, guitar (2010–present)
  • Patrick Riley – guitar, bass (2010–present)

Keyboardist/guitarist Alaina Moore and guitarist/bassist Patrick Riley have produced a dreamy, nostalgic, and beautifully smooth 70’s flavored record in Yours Conditionally. I’m not sure it’s possible to elucidate all the notes this fine recording touches on. Not sure what I’m catching in the music here… A slight breeze of Todd Rundgren? A few notes that bring to mind an Orbison melody? Whatever it is… I’m IN!  Next, there’s a subtle shift forward, and in floats a mist of  David Lynch, before the reminiscence slips back into a much more listenable, and comprehensible Cocteau Twins…. Okay, you’ll just have to listen for yourself and let the music bring up your own relationships with your musical memories. The writing is excellent, the musicianship and skill with the instrumentation is superb, the mixing is excellent (Jim Eno mixed on this one – the technique perfectly matched to the musical-style being reached for, in my opinion). The music, and particularly the sound, oozes authenticity. On the vocals, Alaina Moore has a gentleness in her voice, but with a modern strength coming through via her confidence and lyrics.  Everything about this record flows sincerely. So sit back, relax, have a glass of wine, enjoy a warm sunset with your own “other-half” while what your heart *thinks* the 70’s sounded like eases out of what seems to be an old but perfectly upkept hi-fi console like a soft memory you can’t quite place.


Now. Here we are, 45 minutes later (duration: 37:16… but it will take you a few minutes to snap out of it). We’re back, and this is only part of the story. Yours Conditionally delivers  thoughtful, intelligent, smooth pop, with an almost shoegaze feel. I hesitate to say it’s any one thing, but I’m deeply impressed by Yours Conditionally, which was written by the duo during a sailing trip on the pacific ocean, which they say helped to isolate them from modern distractions, and give them a chance to write this consistent “from first note to last” gem.

Every reviewer has their own “reminds me of…” comparisons, and it’s clear that Alaina and Patrick know how to evoke musical memories triggering subconscious nostalgic responses from the listener.

A really good interview with Patrick and Alaina appears in Interview Magazine, which will give the reader an idea of the intelligence and musical raison d’être of the duo.

I hope you enjoy Tennis’ new record as much as I have. I’m looking forward to listening to Yours Conditionally all summer. Be well, and enjoy!

-Review by iconiclight, 15 March 2017


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ADDED May 02, 2017
Video: Fields of Blue LIVE at Coachella 2017 (performance April 21, 2017) – The song performance is GREAT, although the footage isn’t so good because of a stage hulk that keeps getting his face/head in the shot in front of Alaina. Nevertheless, I’ve got some stills here for our enjoyment:



Tennis tweeted recently:

The tour journal with many photos by Luca Venter as well as Alaina’s reflections about touring can be seen here


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Text notes: “in floats a mist of  David Lynch, before the reminiscence slips back into a much more listenable, and comprehensible Cocteau Twins….” Originally, I used a reference to Julie Cruse’s “Falling” era here, but after reading over the paragraph a few times and finding numerous references to “David Lynch” by Tennis themselves, I decided to transform the reference to the broader term – David Lynch, et al. I also switched out the word relatable (which although it sounds correct and reasonable due to common internet era usage, is discouraged in good writing) with comprehensible.