A little retro “dream pop” with a psychedelic edge.

Minipop was an American-based Indie electronic and dream pop band formed in 2004 in Oakland, California. The band consisted of Tricia Kanne (vocals/guitar), Lauren Grubb (drums), Matthew Swanson (guitar/keyboard) and Nick Forte (bass). I believe they have officially been broken up for some time now. (I don’t know though, see the comments at the bottom of this page!)

Another song by this group.. an official video (I found this at Vimeo.. Tricia? Hi!)

And… to be completely random, I’ve chosen a Beck song (ever notice how when he puts his mind to it, this guy can REALLY sing well?)

oh, something else entirely, something else random… or maybe not…

So, what could these three songs/videos separated by many years, have in common?

The last name “Manning”

Roger Manning (Composer, Keyboards) from Jellyfish is in Beck‘s back-up band in the Beck clip above, while Chris Manning, (Roger’s brother) not only recorded with Jellyfish on the 1990 album “Bellybutton” (and appears in the signature Jellyfish video “The King Is Half-Undressed” but later became a producer and produced “A New Hope” by… Minipop.

Embed from Getty Images

(L-R) Roger Joseph Manning Jr, Andy Sturmer, Jason Falkner and Chris Manning

Just a moment though… I want to go back to BECK because the GRAMMY winning Album of the Year ‘Morning Phase’ is IMO his best album ever.

one more time, the album version:

Waking Light is amazing.. that is all.

Well… except this:


but that’s another story altogether… for another world, another time.

Hey man! Didn’t FILTER have something to do with… oh well, I’d forgotten.

That’s it! *mic drop*