Happy First Year to AURORA’s EPIC (yes, I said epic) album “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend”

The word “epic” applies to that “pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style” and I personally feel that way about AMDGMAAF – So, who is the hero of this story? AURORA and you, dear reader. Discovery, challenges, dreams, pathos, achievements, all related in a remarkable way with remarkable wisdom and skill for a person of such young age as Aurora Aksnes (some of these songs were written before she was even a teenager!).



Collecting and collating AURORA photos is one of my favorite pastimes, been so for about a solid year ( I “discovered” AURORA in March 2016 the day of her US TV debut).

I began my adventure in “exploring a dawning iconography” almost immediately after I heard “Conqueror” and saw AURORA and her band perform on US television for the first time.

My first step after seeing this, was to start-up an initial Tumblr, created after I started to search for photos and information about the Norwegian “Winter Bird” Aurora Aksnes, having realized I couldn’t find quick, concise information about her or her band. I noticed that many very good photos sporatically appeared throughout Twitter, but, many without photographer credits, dates, or origins. Important? Well, being a longtime archivist I wanted to both learn and provide better information for new fans that were looking or would be looking for AURORA info like I was. So I started a Tumblr called “Goddess of Dawn” to begin gathering what I could, and matching up photographers with their frequently tweeted, but often uncredited photographs, adding sources as I was able (Below: photo of the Goddess of Dawn Tumblr site, with photo from iconic video “Runaway” directed by Kenny McCracken):


Soon after, I began a secondary Tumblr as well (kind of… a “mirror” tumblr) once I figured out I needed a “Twitter” account to help me collate information, which I decided to call “iconiclight” – a wise choice, it turned out. Soon I discovered that trying to have and manage an archive by myself was a daunting task, and so when I stumbled on the proboards “warriors & weirdos” (at that time called Dutch Warriors and Weirdos) Forum with only two members (including the founder), and having a proboards format – which I was familiar with from times past – I joined. I knew, and in fact had a strong hunch, that with some careful thought the forum could become very much a “hub” for AURORA fans, but especially, had the potential to be a good way to begin archiving the information I was hoping to gather with help from other interested fans.

Almost immediately, the founding Administrator and myself found that we had a similar vision and began working on building upon the excellent structure he’d already began. And so, becoming an Admin myself, we went to work on building sections, and solidifying our vision. After a short time we invited interested members to become moderators (Joao, and Laura, and eventually “AkswarriorMickey” and most recently Alastair), and embarked on the journey, entirely without any more compensation than the pleasure of being fellow-warriors (or “weirdos”- yep, we all have those days too).

So here it is  March 2017, about a year since I first saw and heard AURORA, nearly 400+ members later, and the forum has many dedicated “searchers and finders” of all things AURORA (and believe me they find amazingly obscure items), and has become and continues to be (in my opinion) THE GREATEST single “source” (aside from AURORA herself, and her bandmates, and management) for the things people want to find immediately when they first discover this fascinating singer/songwriter Aurora Aksnes of Norway. I think really, more so, or rather more than a “source” to be precise, the forum BY FANS FOR FANS is a destination for people that want to know a vast amount of information about AURORA, gathered in one place. It’s also a place to personally get involved in gathering information yourself, if this kind of thing is a hobby of yours. I hope if you have any interest or inclination towards AURORA and her music, that you’ll take a couple of minutes to sign up at The Forum (it’s free and easy), visit daily, and contribute your unique views and experiences.

Now… as time has passed and many dedicated “Warriors” have become near experts at gathering and properly crediting sources and photographers, I’ve actually had more time to put towards working on my other interest, writing reviews and writing about other music acts as well. That is what I’m doing here at wordpress, having been inspired by a dear WarriorWeirdo friend Laura via her blog of personal growth and self-improvement, which also has music reviews as well https://tyrannolaurusrex.wordpress.com/

But, let’s not forget what this post is about…

  1. The First year anniversary of the release of AURORA’s amazing album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend
  2. the photo of AURORA at the top of the page – one of many hundreds gathered or referenced, identified, credited, and dated at Aurora fan forum by fans for fans.

PHOTO: found and identified by “dwp” at the forum, as that taken by Klaudia Lech, on 21st November 2015, the day she played the Yngling/Øya Ung show at Oslo’s Parkteatret via vg.no.

For your viewing pleasure, one more time:


Visit and check out the Aurora fan forum by fans for fans made BY FANS of Aurora Aksnes.

Congratulations to AURORA for this successful year, and wishing many more ahead!

Follow AURORA directly at Twitter, at Instagram! You’d be surprised how amicable, friendly, personable, funny, delightful, quirky and fan-loving AURORA is! Don’t miss this moment to enjoy this young woman’s journey and music. ALSO: visit her official site for news and merch!

Enjoy my other posts and photos of AURORA!