Kula Shaker K  (1996)
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Kula Shaker K 2.0 (2016)
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What is just beyond the horizon?


“…the truth may come in strange disguises…”
Kula Shaker — Tattva  (1996)

Kula Shaker are an English psychedelic rock band led by frontman Crispian Mills, grandson of Sir John Mills and son of actress Hayley Mills and film director Roy Boulting. Kula Shaker is most recognizable because of their Indian (India) flavored rock music, messages of unity in diversity (Tattva), spiritual devotion (Govinda) and global peace (Great Hosanna LIVE). On the whole, Crispian’s lyrics play successfully in psychedelic sunny mysticism -occasionally beatlesque, definitely retro- occasionally becoming  thematically darker or apocalyptic (it’s observational, and humanity is complicated after all). One way or the other though, the lyrics, coupled with the brilliant music, are really good fun to listen to. It’s a bit much for me to listen to their entire catalog in one sitting, but there are many many brilliant moments scattered throughout their musical history.

Kula Shaker discography

K (1996)
Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts (1999)
Strangefolk (2007)
Pilgrims Progress (2010)
K 2.0 (2016)  Holy Flame

“In my darkest days, I see through the haze
See your Holy Flame – undefiled”


Crispian Mills – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Alonza Bevan – Bass/Backing Vocals
Paul Winterhart – Drums
Harry Broadbent (2006 – present) – Keyboards
Jay Darlington (1995–1999) – Keyboards

I’m really fond of Mystical Machine Gun (1999):

Shower Your Love  Sound Of Drums  Golden Avatar  Namami Nanda-Nandana

Now and then Kula Shaker reminds me very strongly of The Verve circa 1993 or so (A Storm in Heaven?) – I think it’s the “Brit-pop” and “neo-psychedelia” sound. Otherwise though, the themes are completely different – Golden Avatar is a good example of what I’m talking about.

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