Great photos of Fireflight in concert from Flickr by Sean Stephens  at WonderJam at Kingswood Amphitheater, Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland, June 23 2012: Top row: Glenn Drennen, Wendy Drennen, & Dawn Michele. With Adam McMillion on Drums and Justin Cox on the black guitar (Justin’s not the one wearing the hat – that’s Glenn).

Fireflight in Concert - Glenn Drennen Fireflight in Concert - Wendy Drennen

Fireflight in Concert - Adam McMillionFireflight in Concert Dawn Michele

Reported Setlist:
1. Stay Close
2. Stand Up
3. Fire in My Eyes
4. Desperate
5. Stronger Than You Think
6. Now
7. Unbreakable


Above: Fireflight (there’s Justin Cox at left on black guitar) at WonderJam 2012

Fireflight rocked hard and rocked great! The crowd on the other hand.. I’m chuckling at this point. They LOVE Fireflight, but when they’re watching them in concert, it’s like… they can’t move. I’m really just curious why so reserved? Dawn said in a recent interview that one of the reasons they love playing concerts in Brazil or Germany is that the crowds make no bones about it, they ROCK along with the band, and are wildly excited and show it! So… okay Kingswooders, would you mind getting me a snowcone while your away at concessions? I’m busy glowing in awe of a great band! Forgive, forgive. Well, now – there are a few videos of the concert, although many are captured with terrible sound quality. But, at least they exist for the record – and for this we thank you dedicated ‘ographers! Seriously. In any case, the band still rocks and sounds great! And yes, eventually the crowd comes to life a bit after a couple of songs. Oh you’re back! *hands me a blueice*  …Thanks! Forgiven.

Both Adam and Justin have left Fireflight since this concert, leaving the core TRIO of Glenn, Wendy and Dawn to carry on the torch (or giant candle in this case) – and THEY have just released the Re•Imag•Innova EP (March 2017) which is pretty awesome! Check out all my other Fireflight posts!

References/photos: darkelflx Since we’re talking about Flickr… there are an untold number of Fireflight photos at Flickr. Search and find: Fireflight photos at Flickr Also, Check out this feed: Fireflight Flickr and check out these hard to find, not often seen photos from 2006:
Dawn Taking a Breather
Dawn & Wendy

There are even some earlier photos from a different feed – quite rare, little seen, maybe never seen by many fans! Uploaded in 2004, so these are prior to that date:
Dawn of Fireflight Dawn


Glenn and Wendy Drennen


Okay back to 2012… The Toronto concert, here’s one more:
Fireflight in Concert - Dawn Michele

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It’s now 2017 and the new music is available! Check it out!

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