Enjoy this little collection of live on-stage concert photos of Eisley w/ Sherri & Garron for the Feb/March 2017 leg of the “I’m Only Dreaming” release tour! @iconiclight

img_20170304_121139📷: @mollycotham *the band!*

img_20170304_121230📷: @ChrisHouse__  *Mr. Garron!*

img_20170304_121305📷: @chrishouse__  *fairytale ‘toos!*

img_20170304_121339📷: @bobby56k (Baltimore show) *LOVE THIS PHOTO!*

img_20170304_121410📷: @Bobby56k *what’s up doc?*

IMG_20170304_121508.jpg📷: @kelslafferty *Sherri’s so cute, such a little kid!* adorable

img_20170304_121638📷: @alexa_chihos *still hittin’ those highs!”

All of these photos can be seen at the Eisley Twitter feed: *It’s Scruptious* fill your plate, it’s a buffet today!

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