Seat belts on! It’s the unique sounding Canadian group,

Crash Test Dummies

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Quite the story tellers, this group, (especially their 1993 album) with each song being, in most cases, a little existentialist story, quite clever, often humorous, and in some cases downright genius! They are best known by their 1993 hit song “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” (but they have MANY other great songs!). CTD are a Grammy-nominated (1995) act, but WON a Juno (Canadian “Grammy’s”) in 1992.

The videos were usually a bit too odd (i always loathed that tooth-pulling one), but this one, MY OWN SUNRISE  was pretty brilliant, and is definitely worth a look (is it strange when references reach into the future?)

Crash Test Dummies — My Own Sunrise (1996)

Brilliant little video, I say, with lots of interesting imagery.. see anything interesting?

Okay, so the lead singer with that amazing DEEP voice, and unique phrasing is named Brad Roberts, and he is the only one still carrying using the group name, they have occasionally regrouped in part, for a new release or for a few appearences, but mostly, I guess they are not doing too much in the biz.

Here’s a fun holiday moment from the spirit of Christmas past
(and funny, thanks to Brad’s eyebrows LOL).

Crash Test Dummies – The First Noel

Featuring talented CTD member Ellen Reid, a beautiful, and really a wonderful singer/artist…

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There are a few CTD songs that Ellen sings lead on, but not very many.

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Ellen’s work mostly went under the radar but she’s great. REALLY great.

My favorite CDT song is “God Shuffled His Feet”
a brilliant song and an interesting video!

You can always
tell when musicians are “art school types” – metaphors, similes, clever poetry,
and obscure poetic references… I love it!

Crash Test Dummies — God Shuffled His Feet (1993)

Was that “eye question” in the lyrics an Odin reference? Brilliant!

In the spring of 2016, Brad Roberts announced his first tour of Canada in five years. In an interview about the tour, Roberts provided an update about the other members of the band, who he still keeps in touch with: Dan Roberts now has a family in Winnipeg, Mitch Dorge devotes most of his time now to motivational speaking at schools, Ellen Reid is married and spends her time creating elaborate Facebook pages with all her own illustrations, and Ben Darvill has found great success for himself as Son of Dave. Roberts confirmed that he is the last remaining active member of Crash Test Dummies, with it just being him and guitarist Stuart Cameron going on tour.

On May 28, 2016, to commemorate his first Canadian tour in five years, Brad Roberts released the new song “I’ll Be Peaceful Then.” (Wikipedia)


Crash Test Dummies still seems to have an “Official” website. Check it out: CTD Home

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