This recording is so great, probably my favorite Talk Talk song –

LIVING IN ANOTHER WORLD – (audio) 1986 from The Colour of Spring

“Talk Talk abandoned the synthpop style completely with their third album, The Colour of Spring, released in 1986. It became their biggest studio album success in the UK, making the Top 10 (and certified Gold by the BPI for sales over 100,000 copies), in part due to the Top 20 single “Life’s What You Make It“, which was also successful internationally. Another single, “Living in Another World”, charted in the Top 40 in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy (and just outside the Top 40 in the UK and France). By this time, all Talk Talk songs were being written by Mark Hollis and Friese-Greene.” (Wikipedia)

Living in Another World  video still (see below)

Above: On Vimeo, because it seems yanked down anytime anyone tries to upload it on YouTube, (or it’s blocked in some countries?)…
THE filmed promo (my fave):

Talk Talk – Living in Another World
Link out if it won’t play:

I think Hollis has had enough of this “clever” shoot by the end of the vid… he’s about to… well, I presume they cut it thankfully.

It’s weird though that this video isn’t even listed at which does a pretty good job of giving production and director’s info, it’s like the “upside down” version is being suppressed or something? Any way, I presume this is also a Tim Pope directed video, but I don’t know for sure. I’m probably the only one that cares about those kinds of details anyway.

Background: “Talk Talk were an English new wave band, active from 1981 until their breakup in 1992. Their early hit singles include “Today”, “Talk Talk” (both 1982), “It’s My Life” and “Such a Shame” (both 1984). Although the band only experienced moderate success in their native country, they established some international success. Talk Talk moved away from synthpop towards more experimental music in the mid-1980s,[2] helping to pioneer what became known as post-rock. They achieved moderate success in Europe and the UK with the subsequent singles “Life’s What You Make It” (1985) and “Living in Another World” (1986), and in 1988 they released their fourth album Spirit of Eden, which was commercially less successful.” (Wikipedia)

Other popular (and strange) videos:

and below, from the 1984 album It’s My Life:

and the cover of It’s My Life:


Many people consider the album “The Spirit of  Eden” their best work.


One music forum participant said: “I consider them the Pink Floyd of the 80s. I think Spirit of Eden is at least on par with Dark Side of the Moon; it would be a toss-up to me which of those two albums is the greatest popular music album ever made. Listening to that album makes my jaw drop in amazement at parts because it’s so majestic and epic. It’s definitely my favorite album of the 1980s.”

That’s very high praise!

Evaluating some masterpieces of the eighties in a 2004 article for The Guardian, John Robinson calls Spirit of Eden, “triumphant, [but] completely unmarketable.” The band did not tour in support of the album. Hollis explained, “There is no way that I could ever play again a lot of the stuff I played on this album because I just wouldn’t know how to. So, to play it live, to take a part that was done in spontaneity, to write it down and then get someone to play it, would lose the whole point, lose the whole purity of what it was in the first place.”[7] The band would never tour again. (Wikipedia)

Talk Talk discography:

1982 The Party’s Over
1984 It’s My Life
1986 The Colour of Spring
1988 Spirit of Eden
1991 Laughing Stock

“After Laughing Stock, Talk Talk disbanded in 1992, as Hollis wished to focus on his family. In 1998, Mark Hollis released his self-titled solo début Mark Hollis, which was much in keeping with the minimalist post-rock sound of Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock, but he retired from the music industry shortly afterwards.” – Wikipedia


1. Wikipedia for some of the quoted sections noted.

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