RE•IMAG•INNOVA (Innova Reimagined) 2017

Here’s the iTunes link to preview and preorder or order:


I think it will also be at Amazon, and really any place you might like to download your digital music. It will NOT be available as a physical copy CD – although Dawn said that “who knows” in the future, IF demand really goes wild they might arrange for a physical publish of it.. but it’s too early to say. I think, if you want it, if you LOVE IT, it would be good to support the band and buy the download.. it’s going to be VERY reasonably priced, just a few dollars! I mean, come on friends, it’s definitely worth it.

And so, Fireflight releases their NEW MUSIC re-imagining of selections from INNOVA, which was an amazing album, on March 3rd 2017 (Friday!). In prep for this, Dawn Michele did a 40+ minute listening preview with the public LIVE on Facebook, answering many questions and looking FABULOUS by the way, and although Glenn and Wendy Drennen were not present in body they were certainly with Dawn in “spirit” (in this case, watching and participating via phone messaging LOL), providing trivia questions for fans and giving away T-shirts and signed posters! And so, here it is, already recorded and enshrined at Facebook:


Dawn gave us all sorts of interesting answers to interesting questions, including whether they would touring any time soon, what her favorite song is, and much more. She also made interesting comments that make the “party” worth listening to, such as how much they love Metallica (she says the guys used to have to blast Metallica in the tour bus while they were driving long distances to stay awake and alert), and some other snippets fans enjoy. Spending 40 minutes with Dawn was worth every minute as well. An inspiring and lovely woman, a truly admirable person.

Fireflight themselves gave a distinct clue as to what the sound of the EP was going to be way back in May of 2016, it will be an acoustic “re-imagining” of the INNOVA tunes:

This is absolutely confirmed with Dawn’s listening party at Facebook. It is acoustic, and it sounds AWESOME. I hope all my readers will let me know how they like it, and also what other Fireflight albums or songs you like!


March 2nd, Dawn did an interview with NewReleaseToday.com, so if you missed it HERE IT IS: https://youtu.be/odATrM8tSIk Dawn is awesome in this interview. Such a great heart! And… “still pretty snazzy!” Absolutely! And to catch everyone up on…


some info about Dawn, she was a high school teacher the first couple of years that Fireflight were together, until they were able to devote all their time to the band and touring. Dawn is currently working on a “solo” album, but isn’t leaking much info out about it yet. “I don’t want to spill too many beans about it!” she says.

I hope the trio, Glenn and Wendy and Dawn will get together for a photo-shoot sometime in the next few weeks or before summer for some new photos of them as Firefight as they are today. I think there would be a very strong fan appreciation for this. In any case Fireflight is preparing to go to Brasil for a show this summer!

According to a previous message from Firelight, the “EP is a collection of handpicked songs from our 2015 record INNOVA. These songs have been reworked and reimagined with a whole new vibe and perspective….”

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RE•IMAG•INNOVA – Buy it! Support this great band!

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