1. Serenity 3:31
2. Waiting 2:55
3. You Decide (featuring Josh Brown of Day of Fire) 3:11
4. “It’s You” 3:13
5. “Star of the Show” 3:02
6. “Liar” (featuring David Paul Pelsue of Kids in the Way) 3:36
7. “Myself” 3:01
8. “Something New” 3:29
9. “Attitude” 3:30
10. “More Than a Love Song” 3:07
11. “Action” 3:08

Total length: 35:43 // released July 25th 2006

I’ve highlighted in bold (and linked to audio/vids), the songs I like the best!

The more I listen to each Fireflight album in retrospect the more I come to appreciate each album for it’s own unique reasons. Healing of Harms is a pretty great album, and it was  Fireflight’s first official “full-length” as well, following the transitional “On The Subject of Moving Forward” – in fact, three of the songs on Harms are heard also on Moving Forward – Serenity (titled “Call” previously), Waiting and Liar.

Serenity is actually a pretty strong standout on Harms, with it’s steady beat leading into it’s headbanging rock sound interestingly elevated by Justin’s SCREAMO interjections (which work great, are actually a little bit funny looking back, and tend to “date” the sound a little, but in an appropriate way – it was ’06 after all!).

Waiting cues up next – another headbanging, hair-whipping rock track on the album. I like searching around for live versions of this song, wherein Justin usually carried on the screamo just a little bit more (which he also did interject just a bit into The Hunger, a later song).Waiting also has one of those really rare -guitar solos- which just don’t appear in very many Fireflight songs.

Next up, the most recognizable song on Harms is probably You Decide, which is well served by a guest “duet” vocal by Josh Brown which works very well. A note: When performing the song LIVE, Fireflight returns to Justin Cox for the same vocal parts that Josh takes in the official studio release. In any case, the professionally produced video that’s now part of the Vevo collection is fairly well known and also introduced the public to the attractive and talented  Dawn Richardson (later, becoming Dawn Michele, having married). CHECK IT! –> You Decide!

Vevo still of Dawn for the “You Decide” videomqdefault

Below: An energetic and wild performance of “Serenity” in a small venue in Jacksonville, Florida 2007, quite a few months after album release…

I really enjoy Waiting and found this live footage, with a mono overtrack for the audio:

*Fast>>Forward* I want to show this awesome live version below from a few years later (2010, I think) because well, it’s fabulous, small stage, enclosed venue, which makes for the most energetic and intense performances for Fireflight IMO…

Below: some other photos of Fireflight around & following the release of Harms:

Below: the back cover CD card for The Healing of Harms


Before we wrap up… an encore… one last cool song:

“You know what you are? You’re the star of the show!”