No, not that one!

“Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue
Thought I heard you talking softly.
I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio
Still I can’t escape the ghost of you

“What has happened to it all?
Crazy, some’d say,
Where is the life that I recognize?
Gone away…”

ABOVE: Vocals: Naimee Coleman

BELOW: The brilliant original by Duran Duran:

Are you given vision
Are you second sight?
Are you older than your life?

Now you’re stepping back towards me
‘Til the room is bathing in light
And the answer there before me
There’s no ending when we die

Unless you’re into ’90s Dark Wave, I bet you’ve never heard this one before:

You with me in heaven
Floating like ribbon in the sea of tranquility
The perfume of your soul intoxicating
Water in cascades
Fall with me into the arms of angels
The feather touch of kisses
Into the light forever
Tongues twist in time to oblivion
Water rising higher
And we sink into the sea
Lungs filled, smiles explode
And home again
(time stands frozen forever)
And in my arms you stay
(like a baby to my breast you stay)
The stars fall to earth and we catch them
The sugar of your kiss reflects them
Eyes wide like oceans vast
Inside with me chosen at last
“Time in the presence of the garden never-ending
Rib fit firmly back in place
The circle complete as the skies explode
The blessing of angels cry down on us
Like diamond chips our flesh glistens
Wet and soft with the tears of the cherubim”

ref: “Surrender” music by Lycia. Lyrics by Tara Vanflower from the album “The Burning Circle And Then Dust” 1995 Projekt Records // following photos.  I think you can buy some of their catalog via Otherwise, search eBay, or a favorite darkwave retailer.

220px-lycia_the_burning_circle_and_then_dustAbove: The Burning Circle And Then Dust. Below: Mike Van Portfleet and Tara Vanflower.lycia-9

One song on this album The Burning Circle And Then Dust is called “Pray” and it’s very reminiscent of The Cure. Written and recorded by Lycia with vocals by Mike Van Portfleet, It’s a favorite of mine…. (Yes I have some secret loves for darkwave and shoegaze.)

Every day I pray… for better things to come

It’s easy to follow and say hello to Tara ( “..wolf tongue-wolf teeth.. I’m the chick from Lycia. I make music and write books.“). She and Mike are raising a family in Arizona and Tara is on FB too, posting funny things, talking about special causes and things she cares about, as well as posting family photos and Lycia news. In short… she’s cool.

I’m going to do a complete review and retrospective of LYCIA – watch for it!


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