The raw, almost punkish sound of Fireflight’s 2002 “Glam-rök” juxtaposed against their Grammy-nominated later work is really remarkable, and makes for an enjoyable listen!

“Glam-rök” is the earliest album I know of by Fireflight. It was independently released in 2002. It has a raw, indie, hard rock, garage band sound. It reminds me… as if I’m listening to 80’s or 90’s American garage-punk on cassette.. it’s very interesting listening!


I’ve really enjoyed this one after having become familiar with all (or most) of Fireflight’s later and better-known work. It has the uniqueness of actually having more musical interludes and guitar solos, which Fireflight avoids in later work in favor of tight, precise, and more hook-heavy tunes. The rawness of the music is interesting and fun to listen to. The themes however, are heavy and serious, and it definitely has a “darker” feel than later Fireflight, although the lyrics are markedly “Christian” as expected, the stories (if you will) don’t all have the purely redemptive content & conclusions. A better way to describe the lyrics is that a lot of the songs are presented in an observational perspective rather than from an instructional point of view. It DOES have all the troubled youth feels that one might expect from younger writers. It just…

All. Feels. So. Serious.

– it’s fun!

The following lyrics stacked up with some strong guitar and percussive thwacking may give a clue to the feel of some of the songs…

“…we’ve turned from You
To serve idols
Lord forgive us for our rage
Following our own paths we’ve strayed from You
And now our eyes no longer seek Your face
We’ve torn down our supports and pushed away our ladder
And now our hearts have grown so cold…” -Voluntary Blindfold

There is some “weird” instrumentation on this album too, “All For You” for example… the music is so weird! LOVE IT!

Dawn is fresh and raw, almost “punkish” on Glam-rök, and sometimes almost… “super young Pat Benatar-like?” …not sure how else to describe it. In any case, it’s nice to be able to hear Dawn’s early work and compare this natural seed-talent to Dawn’s later extremely developed and skillful singing. I find this chance to juxtapose the styles inspiring. Bear in mind, Fireflight advanced to becoming GRAMMY-nominated recording artists by 2010/2011 so this is a pretty remarkable juxtaposition to ponder!

Conclusion: This record is worth a listen, and it’s also worth a buy if you find it, especially if you’re a collector or a completest, and you’re a Fireflight or Dawn Michele (nee Richardson) fan. I think retro-garage-punk listeners would also enjoy this very much, even if they’ve never heard of Fireflight.

“Released in 2002, Glam-rök was the first album released by Christian rock band Fireflight. It was produced by, then lead guitarist, Justin Cox. Stylistically the album sounds different from later releases.”

I’ve marked some of my favorites in bold – this album tends to listen best as a whole moment though.

  1. Static Equilibrium – 3:39
  2. 911 – 4:20
  3. Reflections – 4:27
  4. Look On – 3:25
  5. Touch the Sky – 5:29
  6. Reasons – 5:12
  7. Voluntary Blindfold – 5:08
  8. Anthem of Youth – 4:25
  9. All for You – 4:40
  10. Fill Me – 5:16
  11. Grey – 7:10

Time: approx. 53 minutes

Categorized as Christian rock, Alternative metal
Listen to it: YouTube


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