Woke up with this song KEEP FIGHTING by Fireflight from the brilliant album INNOVA, in my head today, and it’s inspiring, catchy with it’s electronica beat and and mixing, and has a great affirmative hook “I’ll keep fighting” – a good phrase to have stuck on repeat in your head on some days! So, I thought I’d post a variety of videos featuring it, and anything else I can find (see “references at bottom + updates will appear as comments later).

We’ll start with a “with lyrics” post….

and below… the YouTube “auto-generated” audio version (Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Keep Fighting · Fireflight Innova ℗ 2015 Keep It Loud Released on: 2015-05-05):

This video shown below is an intense and topical take on the song, published on Sep 25, 2016 –  Produced by: Joel Vallie, Michelle Bransford & Sagebrush Community Church. Surely, this was made for youth ministry, is focused on the struggle against addiction and the challenges of having a friend that suffers from addiction, and is very good.


References: INNOVA was released on 05/05/2015 // see iconiclight review of INNOVA

Some folks have noted the release date as significant, containing the numbers 5/5/15 (three fives) //

As an aside, I don’t know what (yet) Fireflight was doing on May 5th, 2005, but they did play a concert on May 13th, 2005 at Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando FL (date/venue needs confirmed). // Here’s a fairly poor quality fan recording of Fireflight “Live at Sonshine” in 2005 (still it’s good, showing how they looked on stage at the time – Dawn has the characteristic styling/look that she does during the “You Decide video” era of 2005/2006 – video still seen below).


But back to 2015: As Fireflight matured through the years they began self-referencing within their songs to other songs (keywords) Unbreakable  Stronger Than You Think  You will find lyrical and thematic linkbacks to earlier songs/albums throughout their work. //


Naturally, I had to tweet about the great song in my head… I hope some other folks click and listen and get the great taglines stuck in their heads today too….

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