INNOVA is truly one of Fireflight’s best albums….

Eight out of the twelve tracks get my “favorite song on the album” highlight and that’s a lot for me.

1. “Keep Fighting” 4:08
2. “Lightning” 3:52
3. “I’ve Got the Power” 3:28
4. “Here and Now” 4:02
5. “Safety” (featuring Stephen Christian of Anberlin) 3:21
6. “Resuscitate” 3:17
7. “The Fallout” 3:21
8. “Easy to Break” 3:10
9. “We Are Alive” 3:15
10. “Out of My Head” 3:45
11. “This Is Our Time” 4:00
12. “Light Inside” 4:19
Total length: 43:52

Now that I’ve really had time to listen to this album, I’ve realized this was a necessary leap forward for Fireflight musically. An updated electronic sound with sharp, slick editing, highly danceable electronic beats, with a move into territories closer to comparison with the likes of Katy Perry or some of the European electronica mix-masters, rather than the crunchy grunge or prog rock/pop comparisons of the past. BUT WAIT! This album STILL gets heavy, Still invigorates with powerchord sections. Fear not, it’s electronic-flavored, yes, but this is no soft and fuzzy bunny. Fireflight still ROCKS… but like it’s 2015, rather than the late 90’s. So, now… taking that as a bassline, imagine this updated contemporary sound with the brilliant positive and affirmation-heavy lyrics we expect from Dawn Michele and Fireflight, and we’ve really got something here!

Listen to INNOVA, and be inspired to be stronger, more resilient, give it another go, live another day, make it through another night alive, and keep that hope glowing for a brand new day.

Wendy Drennen, bassist and founding member did a great interview for Guitar Girl Magazine and she said in regards to INNOVA:

“We’ve been a band for 15 years, so we wanted to make sure we were staying relevant to today’s music. After 15 years, if our sound continued to stay the same with each album, we’d end up being a very dated band. We wanted to keep our fans happy, but at the same time, branch off in some new directions that would earn new fans and allow us to stay current with the style of music that this generation is listening to. We didn’t want to abandon our Fireflight roots, but just get a bit of a facelift, if that makes sense.”


I love this record. I actually get more and more enamored with it every time I listen. There is only one song on this record I’m likely to skip over when I go through the track list listens, but that’s pretty good for any record new or old. (and I won’t say which one it is – but it’s not highlighted in my “fave” picks, and it’s not awful, no, it just didn’t work for me right off… but, maybe after a time I’ll warm up to it).


Dawn Michele has become over the long course of Fireflight’s career an amazingly skilled singer with many signature vocal hooks in her repertoire. I’m thankful there are people like Fireflight, and Dawn, with her talent, out there making music with an insistence on being uplifting, inspiring, and yet touching on real life feelings and troubles, and yet always pointing upwards and onwards.


Founding members of Fireflight, husband and wife Glenn & Wendy Drennen

My favorite tracks:

Fireflight – Lightning (lyrics)

Resuscitate – Fireflight (Lyric Video)

and Resusitate an “official” version starring Dawn:





Excellent interview with Dawn:




2017 has me looking forward to Dawn’s “new project” though as of this writing she hasn’t revealed what it is yet, only that she’s in the studio. (Dawn’s Twitter: for more).

and… before you head out

Fireflight! RE•IMAG•INNOVA (Innova Reimagined) 2017 *NEW MUSIC*

Thanks again Fireflight, it’s been a BLAST!

Review by @iconiclight Feb 20th, 2017

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Note: May 7th 2017 –  I’ve updated this post a bit to reflect more recent listening experiences. The changes are the removal of the “rating” which I’ve decided not to apply to albums I review wherever I can avoid it. Also, I have increased the “favorite songs on the album” notation as well. That’s it! Fireflight still ROCKS me, and even more so as time passes! ❤