FEATURE: Split Enz (1980-1981)

Colorful and talented band of the early 1980′s!

“…a remarkable band that also spanned a couple of decades and several musical genres, SPLIT ENZ (Oh beloved fashion icons!)

‘though in the States they were best recognized for their “New Wave” period, and the much later work of Split Enz’ former members in part, Crowded House (which went over very well in the US). Nevertheless, I do like the early theatrical composition and progressive-rock(ish) “Split Ends” and art-rock prior to the 79/80 New Wave transition, and yet after all, I do so love that interesting and rather historical record “True Colours” of 1980 featuring the cool laser etched vinyl LP.

“I realized to do a proper overview would take a rather long essay, so I’ll try to keep it brief….” (from short article by iconiclight)

Possibly my favorite, or at least one of my top favorites, the retro-mod, rather beatnik-like visuals (80′s new wave style, of course), as well as the spooky sound, melody, and chord progression: ONE STEP AHEAD

Artist: Split Enz

Album: Waiata

Released: 1981

Genres: New wave/post-punk, ‘80s Alternative

INFO on Wikipedia: “One Step Ahead” is a 1980 song by New Zealand art rock group Split Enz from their studio album Waiata. The song continued the group’s success in their move towards their own version of new wave rock music that the group had established with their release “I Got You”, rating in the top ten charts both in New Zealand and Australia.

Reference: Split Enz’s promo-video for the hit single ‘One Step Ahead’ (December, 1980) taken from the 1981 album ‘Corroboree’ (aka ‘Waiata’).

Split Enz Discography:

Another great one from Split Enz from Waiata:


MORE ON Split Enz coming soon!


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