“My favorite song on this album is When You Fall” #love #motherhood #children #babies … yep you get the gist. It’s great!

Sherri serves up an “Eisley” album that, although quite good, with a few nice highlights, really isn’t an Eisley album at all. Still very GOOD, but it’s one that’s going to take a few listens for a typical classic Eisley fan to accept. I like it! But, it should have been called “I’m Only Dreaming by Sherri DuPree-Bemis” because this IS a solo album by Sherri, and only vaguely resembles the classic sound.. vaguely because Sherri is singing all the songs. The writing is very good, the lyrics are good and explore much more personal (but generally pleasant) themes. Missing are the very fanciful fairytale-like lyrics of early Eisley (maybe not surprising because, well… they’ve grown up after all! – despite the insistence of Brightly Wound).

My favorite song on this album is When You Fall – when I first heard it, I knew immediately that this is a song about Sherri’s love and life with her young children. It’s sweet, has a perky, happy beat, a childlike melody, and is extremely warm and fuzzy. Definitely a song of a mother’s endless and unconditional love for her children. I LOVE THIS SONG.


1. Always Wrong
2. Defeatist
3. A Song for the Birds ft. Max Bemis
4. Sparking
5. My Best Friend
6. Rabbit Hole
7. Louder Than a Lion ft. Anthony Green
8. You Are Mine
9. When You Fall
10. Snowfall
11. Brightest Fire

Both long term fans AND new fans will probably have to listen to the entire album a couple of times to get it… let it grow on you, and there are some sweet highlights. Sherri really reaches for a lot of new things on this album. I’ve highlighted my favorite tracks above. The songs that move with a steady beat are the best ones (4 out of 10 tracks including “Defeatist”), and the most “Eisley-like” but, there are many tracks that I’m not super enthusiastic for… they’re slow tempo, and THAT’S JUST IT…. nice Sherri songs, but definitely not Eisley-style tunes. Bottom line: I still think it is a beautiful and personal album. Rabbit Hole especially is beautiful 😉

I don’t know for certain what the song “A Song for the Birds” is about but it sure sounds like it’s a song to the rest of the family. But, who knows. It’s the moment when MAX gets his two cents in, and it’s a good song actually! It’s in my list of the 3 songs I DO like a lot on this record. So, Max’s little pop-in works wonderfully. I like it.

Louder Than a Lion” (ft. Anthony Green) is pretty good, but I had to listen a couple of times to really appreciate it. I think the hesitation was the startup with the trip-hop beat… it’s pretty canned sounding at first, but once things get going the song improves drastically, and by the time Green arrives, it’s already got real good. Overall the track, although not great great, is quite good good. And it does sound melodically “Eisely” … so there ya go! I definitely love the last minute or so with Green’s vocals … I would’ve liked that part to go on a bit longer. (UPDATE 21 Feb 2017 – First VIDEO has been released! See it now!)

BTW, with the video now out… the song continues to grow on me. GOOD one!

I’ve just seen mention of a second video also being produced, and it could very well be that a couple of videos for the public can elevate the whole affair a bit more and pull in some more interest with old and new fans alike. Who can resist Sherri after all?

A beauty she is!

Now, the best reason for this record…. The chance to see Sherri and “Eisley” in concert for the supporting TOUR! Honestly, getting to see Sherri sing the classic Eisley songs is going to be worth the stumble from the realization that “I’m Only Dreaming” isn’t really an EISLEY album. And with Christie also touring with Eisley (Merriment), there will be additional wonderful moments to enjoy. I wish Sherri and  this band the best.

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Review by @iconiclight (Feb 20th, 2017)

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