Unbreakable is the third full-length studio album released by Fireflight. The album was released on March 4, 2008 on Flicker Records.

00:00   Unbreakable (3:21)
03:21     You Gave Me A Promise (3:32) (video: Front Row Live performance)
06:53     Brand New Day (4:11)
11:03     The Hunger (3:09) (video: Front Row Live performance)
14:13     Stand Up (3:16) (video: Front Row Live performance)
17:28     Forever (3:43) (video: Front Row Live performance)
21:12     Go Ahead (3:02)
24:14     The Love We Had Before (3:43)
27:57     So Help Me God (3:17)
31:12     Wrapped in Your Arms (3:40)

Total length: 34:49 – 10 tracks

As an overall album “Unbreakable” is my favorite by Fireflight. << entire playlist listen.

Retrospective reviews are my favorite types of reviews. Time has passed, the impact or lack of impact has become history, and years gone by have helped to place a work in it’s era and in perspective. Fireflight’s “Unbreakable” is one record that has proven to be the most listenable of their albums for general rock and progressive-pop-rock listeners. Even if one sets aside the label “Christian artist” (which Fireflight was certainly never wont to do) the messages of self-empowerment, and general spiritual uplifting are easy to grasp and still steer the mind towards thoughtful transcendence of everyday troubles and the convolutions of life. The allegory is not overly complex, the lyrics at times are just ambiguous enough (a good thing for appeal to wider audiences – a casual listener may hear a song about relationship troubles or challenges, while a more spiritual minded listener would hear a message about a persons relationship with God), and yet, with this possibility of varied interpretations, the positive messages still come through.

This record has the hard rock sound with rock-pop hooks and chunky, crunchy powerchord moments that have always made Fireflight appealing. Dawn Michele’s vocals are TOP NOTCH in this collection, powerful without being rough, reaching high, achieving the level of precise delivery a vocal artist can be thankful for. Her phrasing both live and in-studio during the “Unbreakable” era is beautifully controlled.

The band, especially Dawn and Justin have made it clear in interviews (the few I’ve seen) over the years that their main purpose in this “career” is/was in helping people, reaching people, and teaching people with the messages of “God’s love” that come through their music. This is why they took on the genre of “Christian Music” rather than coming forth as a secular band with “positive message music” – It’s where they came from, and it was a path they accepted – this is understood.

I’ve always had a personal understanding that there is not such a great gulf between “Christian Music” and so-called “positive message secular music” as some Christian music listeners seem to think there is. Labels and “genres” are so limiting to artists, and especially in regards to getting wide recognition or winning the awards, the rock radio play, and the “video views” – it’s too bad that a decent band with decent music must accept, once they take on the label as a Christian band, that their listenership will be limited by the wider industry. Many people have stated that Sixpence None The Richer were a Christian band though they didn’t technically take on that that label. Many people understand that Coldplay have achieved great things with good music utilizing thoughtful and artistic themes – so… are they a Christian Band? Something the purists must always remember is “whoever is not against us is for us…

Anyway, good is good, and a really good band like Fireflight took on some limitations in the industry as a Christian Band, but it doesn’t matter – they were good, REALLY good.

Favorite Tracks: “Unbreakable” + “The Hunger Live + Studio” + “Brand New Day


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