Reaching #14 on U.S. Billboard Rock Albums chart, NOW has a handful of really great songs, and was the fifth full-length Fireflight studio album released March 6, 2012.

1. “Stay Close” 3:28
2. “Ignite” 2:56
3. “Escape” 4:21

4. “He Weeps” 3:36
5. “Keeping Me Alive” 3:55
6. “Stronger Than You Think” 3:41
7. “Prove Me Wrong” 3:33
8. “Dying For Your Love” 3:21
9. “Rise Above” 4:29
10. “Now” 2:49

(I’ve highlighted my favorite tracks, I also like 6, 7, & 8)



There really are some brilliant tracks on this album. I especially like Escape and Stay Close. Dawn Michele’s soaring vocal on Escape is transcending and bliss inducing, with a sustained vocalization in a powerful high register through much of the song. An excellent rolling percussion  with beat frequency changes, drives the listener through to the end of the “metal” section of the song, which wraps up with an extended series of echoing musical whirls and light-filled reassurances “you’re not hopeless, you’re not worthless, you are loved, don’t give up, this is your time” Good stuff!

The song “Stay Close” is very likely to get stuck in your head, as is the norm with Fireflight’s melodic and lyrical hook utilizing style. The upside is, with powerfully positive messages, these are things one should appreciate having on constant mental play for a day or two at a time… and you’ll be back to refuel it if it starts to fade.

Above: Dawn Michele of Fireflight (2012) Video stills from “Stay Close” 



Keeping Me Alive:


Dawn’s favorite song on the album: “My favorite song is called “Escape.” It’s an allegory about how fear can steal our lives from us just as if who we really are has been kidnapped. To me it has an incredible drive and feel to it.” – Dawn Michele (All Access 2012)

As far as sound, Fireflight always excelled in the studio, and although they proved themselves excellent live performers many times, Dawn, in this video interview, explained that over time they came to realize that what was most important to them was that they were not just there to “entertain” but that the message they were sharing in the lyrics and the power of the music became penultimate.

All Access asked Dawn in 2012: Other than a t-shirt or a CD, what do you hope a fan takes with them from a Fireflight show?

“I hope they leave with a burning feeling in their spirit that the power of God can help them to change their lives as they know it and to change the lives of others in their community and all over the world.”

Above: mini review by @iconiclight (2017)

Below: Various small photos of the album art:

Acoustic “Keeping Me Alive”

Footage on tour in Brazil with the rockin’ song “NOW”

Stay Close Tour 2012 Photos:

Stay Close Tour 2012 Stay Close Tour 2012

Stay Close Tour 2012 Stay Close Tour 2012

Ichthus 2011 Stay Close Tour 2012

Ichthus 2011 Ichthus 2011

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