[2000 – Present?] Rock, post metal, to electronic rock fusion.
Lead Singer (center): Dawn Michele  Photo: Fireflight in 2012

Some heavy guitars, hard rock, but somewhat pop (IE like Paramore, Evanescence?)

Fireflight music has been described in many ways over the years, especially as they’ve evolved musically. Everything from raw rock (Glam-rok, 2002) to progressive rock, to hook-delivering rock/pop and post metal grunge. The band slimmed down their lineup, as some members moved on to other pursuits and callings, and moved into electronic/rock fusion by 2015 (Innova). It’s hard to say what’s coming next for Fireflight, (March 2017: SEE THIS UPDATE) but as a Grammy nominated act (2010), surely there’s the potential that there’s something more. Recent news (Jan 2017) has Dawn Michele in-studio recording “something” with “someone” so there’s always the possibility that Fireflight has at least one more record for their fans. Nevertheless, *NEWS* check out this message at IG from Dawn (Feb 17, 2017)…

Definitely a “new project” – but is it Fireflight? – I think if it were there would be more specific news about it. But, welcome new project whatever it is! Always rooting for Dawn!

Back to Fireflight: So, if they do come back together for some kind of project at some point, will they go back towards their earlier raw rock roots? Likely? Or unlikely? Will they pick back up with crunchy rock-pop style reminscent of the 2006-2012 era? Will they jump into a completely different style? Will there be a “post-electronic” Fireflight? These questions remain to be answered. SEE: Re•Imag•Innova by Fireflight *NEW MUSIC*

In any case, as is usual when a listener gets attached to a lead vocalist’s style and personal positivity, there’s no question that any new recording of Dawn Michele’s will be welcome. As a Nashville area resident – anything is possible. While Fireflight’s music is powerful, melodic, hook laden, and lyrically positive, Dawn’s clear and appealing vocals were always a strong draw to the listening audience. After a few listens and a perusal of the band’s best tracks over the course of their career, one tends to keep listening, taking on new favorites from the roster, and returning to the old favorites (The Hunger, Unbreakable, You Decide,  to name a few). Clearly, Fireflight successfully built a collection of music with a re-affirming uplift, and a crunchy rock-pop sound that Fireflight became known for.

Even if Fireflight never returns for another record, their history is well established, and their catalogue is available for listening (and purchase if you look around a bit – which you should). Having successfully achieved a Grammy nomination, there’s no question that future folks stumbling upon some of Fireflight’s best songs, or clicking on a view of a video “suggestion” because they notice Dawn’s remarkable good looks, will continue to “discover” Fireflight’s great musical skills, Dawn’s impressive rock-pop vocal talents, and the positive messages inherent in all of their music.

Above: mini-bio by @iconiclight (2017)

Fireflight discography:

Re-Imag-Innova, 2017 (independent) *arrived MARCH 2017*
INNOVA, 2015 (independent)
Now, 2012 [Essential] (audio “Escape“)
For Those Who Wait, 2010 [Flicker]
Unbroken and Unplugged EP, 2009 (independent)
Unbreakable, 2008 [Flicker] (video “Unbreakable” + “The Hunger” – Live + Studio)
The Healing Of Harms 2006 [Flicker] (video “You Decide“)
On the Subject of Moving Forward EP, 2004 (independent)
Glam-rök, 2002 (independent)


The Band:
Dawn Michele – lead vocals (1999–2017)
Wendy Drennen – bass guitar, backing vocals (1999–2017)
Glenn Drennen – guitar (1999–2017)
Phee Shorb – drums (1999-2011)
Justin Cox – lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboard (1999–2013)
Adam McMillion – drums (2011–2015)


Above: early photos of Fireflight

Above: Fireflight in 2006
Pretty good interview & performance in 2007:

Fireflight is officially in the “Christian Rock” genre, but their music and sound appeals to a much broader spectrum of rock music listeners. Melodic & lyrical hooks beckon all.

Above: other early (small size) photos of Fireflight

“…the times that you felt like you just couldn’t take it anymore and you’re wanting to give up, that’s when you realize that you weren’t really focusing on the right things in the first place.”Dawn Michele (April 5th, 2008)

stand-upAbove: Very good LIVE 2008 performance video on Front Row Live of “Stand Up”

 Above: Photos of Fireflight circa 2010

Fireflight was nominated for a Grammy (USA) in 2010!
This is quite an achievement for any band in any genre.
Video from that year: Desperate (2010)
Photo: The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards (2011) celebrating the nomination for the album “For Those Who Wait” the fourth full-length studio album released on February 9, 2010. Pictured on the Grammy red carpet are (l-r) Fireflight band members Phee Shorb (drums), Dawn Michele (lead vocals) and Justin Cox (guitar).

Photo credit: John Shearer/Wireimage

Additional: There are STILL a couple of tracks on soundcloud Fireflight official channel that are listenable all the way through (at time of posting):

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Re•Imag•Innova *NEW MUSIC* (2017)

Fireflight in 2012

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