Whimsical, Beatlesque, complex, folksy/rock from Tyler TX – The DuPree (or Dupree) family – Eisley banner 2013 – Photos by Chris Phelps

Eisley is a group of siblings/cousins that formed when they were very young, writing their own musically complex songs with whimsical, somewhat dark fairytale-like lyrics. The band name Eisley, is of course a reference to a Star Wars movie location, Mos Eisley. Pictured above in 2013: Right to Left: Stacy, Chauntelle, Garron, Weston, and Sherri.

When they came onto the scene they were quickly signed to a major label, Warner Bros. Records in 2003, but after a couple of releases, broke with the label (2010), signed with an indie label, Equal Vision Records, BUILT THEIR OWN RECORDING STUDIO, and began to finance and produce their own music and small-scale tours.

Eisley eras:
1997–2004: Formation and early years
2004–2006: Room Noises
2006–2010: Combinations and label issues
2010–2011: New label and The Valley
2011–2015: Deep Space E.P. and Currents
2016-2017: Sherri DuPree-Bemis: “Eisley – I’m Only Dreaming”

By 2013 the “Currents” era, Eisley had all “grown up” and began to marry, having and raising children. (see interview here: HM Magazine) Naturally, this changed the paradigms of the group, and they had (by late 2014), for all practical purposes, “broken up” although three of the Dupree family members began working on a new “Eisley” CD for release sometime late 2016/2017. (released Feb 17th 2017). The other two main songwriting Dupree’s are working on completely different solo projects. Stacy King (nee Dupree) being a strong stand out with her superb singing and songwriting skills, stylises her solo project as Sucré. Chauntelle D’Agostino (nee Dupree) is raising children and has her own solo project which she calls Rising Fawn.


Eisley seems to excel best in the studio environment, although there are hundreds of live videos of their concerts, many of which are superb (it takes a lot of searching to weed out the ones that didn’t work out very well, to find the “best” performances). As a small trio in acoustic settings Sherri, Stacy, and Chauntelle are very good. Exceptionally good in fact.

Currents, the album, had only one main video produced, but the BEST songs never received video treatments! I guess that’s indie label self-producing budget for ya! So, When Currents was released, Eisley even asked for donations to help “self-fund” their “Currents” tour… they needed a special van/bus that was “kid-friendly” to accomplish a full scale tour with only the support of a small indie label. The failure to raise the needed amount to accommodate their families has a lot to do with the “Currents” tour never becoming a typical, full-scale tour, which is usually necessary to support a label-release. With only one funded video, and nearly no major tour, Currents didn’t achieve the sales status it deserved. Amazing really, because Currents, the album, recorded, and produced in what amounted to a “home studio” really was a near-masterpiece, and has a revered place in my “most valued record” collection.

Never-the-less, here is one of my favorite songs from their CD as the classic Eisley line-up, indie, self-financed and produced, titled “CURRENTS” of 2013 which I still highly recommend. The video is audio only (with photos): The song “Wicked Child” http://youtu.be/pPHB4cNHeuc

Another great song “Shelter” a Stacy tune by Eisley from Currents: YouTube (Audio Only)


ABOVE: Stacy King performing “Shelter” live with Eisley in 2014. Former composer and vocalist of Eisley, the amazingly talented Stacy DuPree (Now, married Stacy King). This is a still of a 2014 performance of “Shelter” by Eisley, the classic, original line up.

“MILLSTONE” was really a super song on the album. Written and sung by Chauntelle, she has her own project now called “Rising Fawn” and she’s raising kids, and kind of dropping back from the biz a bit… but this song.. just beautiful..” YouTube (Audio Only)
Chauntelle D’ Agostino  (nee DuPree) 2011

Another great one from Currents “The Night Comes” – a Sherri tune:

It’s very possible that Eisley will continue to be very fluid in it’s line up and participation of the various original members, but only time will tell. One thing is for sure, there will always be the whimsical and somewhat beatlesque “young days” Eisley to listen to via Room Noises (as well as earlier official EP’s going back to 2003).

below is possibly the most well-known Eisley video from when they were still major-label connected, from about 2007, their strange and famously creepy “INVASION” (we love it!)

Isn’t Invasion a blast?

Below: another lovely photo of Eisley by Chris Phelps


So, now that we know that the “Currents” era has come and gone, the tide has flowed, the tide has ebbed… what’s next for Eisley?

The New Era


2016/2017 members (i.e. Sherri w/ “Eisley”)

Sherri DuPree-Bemis – vocals, rhythm guitar
Garron DuPree – bass
Remington DuPree – drums (live)
Weston DuPree – drums (studio) -not shown-
Elle Puckett – guitars
Jedidiah Lachmann – keys

Tracking for a new album was presumably completed in June 2016, with release planned for early 2017 (released Feb 17th, 2017). With Stacy and Chauntelle no longer with Eisley, the core of the band, and the lineup for the new record, will be Sherri and Garron. It is presumed, but not entirely confirmed, that Christie (aka MerrimentMusic) may also become an official member of Eisley. In any case she is certainly touring with Eisley. (photo above is  from Billboard showing the 2016/2017 Eisley lineup).

Eisley has released the first single “Defeatist” from the upcoming album scheduled for 2017 (I’m Only Dreaming has been released Feb 17th, 2017) – It’s good!

They began touring again in fall of 2016.


(Photo above depicting Sherri touring in Oct 2016 by Ryan Widmyer via @eisley)

Stay TUNED to iconiclight for the upcoming REVIEW of the new “Eisley” and the fascinating new record for 2017 “I’m Only Dreaming” – it’s unique, and lovely.


Associated acts: Sucré, Perma, Say Anything, Mutemath, Bright Eyes, Rising Fawn, Jeremy Larson, Merriment, Quiet Company

Sources: Many facts and references are either from, or can be cross-referenced at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eisley. Otherwise, reviews/opinions are by iconicLight. The latest news can be obtained at the Official Eisley site: https://www.eisley.com/ An original version (by iconiclight) of this retrospective appeared in segments at https://warriorsweirdos.com an AURORA fan forum.