AURORA’s debut album (March 2016) has been a phenomenal success for fans of all ages! Aurora Aksnes of Norway appeals to a broad range of fans, has garnered great acclaim and notice as a singer-songwriter, has been on tour in Europe, Canada, and the USA much to the delight of concert goers at SOLD-OUT shows, and will sooth, excite, and bliss you with her unique “dark-synth-pop” music with deep, ethereal themes. A fantastic CD is available now, brilliantly written, performed and produced. AURORA has a brilliant band of Norwegian artists and producers alongside her – YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this wonderful record! Available on CD, vinyl, and for iTunes, etc – find it and have it shipped today. Your gift will be appreciated by music lovers of all ages.




3.Running With Wolves


5.Winter Bird

6.I Went Too Far

7.Through The Eyes Of A Child


9.Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)


11.Under The Water

12.Black Water Lilies

I highly recommend the CD or the Vinyl, but if you would like to have the music right away conveniently on your device for listening…

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